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EBay bans the sale of the Nintendo Switch

Estados Unidos acuerda salvar ZTE

Unrepresented in Brazil, Nintendo does not officially sell the Switch console, games and accessories here. The way out is to opt for import, but one of the few ways to get the video game is over: MercadoLivre removes all its platforms from its platform.

Sellers who advertised Switch on eBay were informed of the ban earlier this week, and their listings have been removed. Those who break the rule may have their account suspended or banned from the site in the event of a recurrence.

Most listings have left eBay. At this point, in a quick search, you may find a few offers, but they were all created recently, so it seems a matter of time before they are removed. Also, the prices are very high, over $ 2,000; Previously, with multiple ads, you could find the console at $ 1,700 or less. In the United States, it costs $ 299.

Says MercadoLivre State that «the sale of Nintendo Switch by third parties is prohibited by Brazilian law because the product was not launched on the domestic market by Nintendo or an authorized distributor and is not registered by the appropriate regulatory agencies.»

The switch has not been approved by Anatel and therefore cannot be officially sold here. NC distributor Games already He has asked for some ratings for the Switch titles to be rated at the Ministry of Justice, but the games are expected to be quite expensive, costing between 330 and 400 USD, almost double that of any Xbox One game or PlayStation 4.

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