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Easily control the volume, media playback and PC programs with this application

Controla el volumen, reproducción multimedia y programas del PC fácilmente con esta APP

I mentioned Unified Remote several times on this blog and it’s no wonder. On a personal note, I think it is the best program and application to control a computer with a mobile phone, because it is the most complete I have tried. It offers a large number of features, such as remote desktop, file manager, wireless keyboard and mouse, remote computer on and off, volume controls, dedicated commands for a variety of computer programs and a key feature: widgets.

There are certainly other good alternatives to Unified Remote, such as Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, or Microsoft Remote Desktop, which I mentioned in this article, but they focus on mirroring your PC screen and the ability to to control that screen. Unified Remote also offers this (Screen Preview), but this is just one of its possibilities.

full unified remote preview

Personally, one of the features that have become essential to me is its multifunctional widget:

fully unified remote widget

In the image above, the widget on the home screen can be configured with several buttons for different tasks. In this example, the first row of widgets allows you to turn the computer on, off, or pause, the second allows you to control the Spotify music program on your computer (see playlists, change songs, or adjust the volume) and The third row allows you to open the wireless keyboard and mouse to remotely control your computer as well as to adjust your computer volume.

You could also add a button to open the desktop remotely (see the computer screen on your mobile phone), buttons to control the VLC program on your PC, the Chrome browser, Winamp, Power Point to control the slides remotely in a presentation), among others.

All of these actions are performed directly by tapping the widget buttons, so you don’t even have to open the app to perform these actions on your computer.

various remote unified complete remote controls

In addition to widgets, Unified Remote provides buttons on the status bar (Quick Actions) to control media playback on your computer and adjust the volume, although these functions can be edited as needed. In this case, we are talking about shortcuts to control your PC from any application you are in, while the widget mentioned above allows you to perform actions whenever you are on your Android desktop.

The setup is quite simple. Requirement to install the program on the computer and the application on the mobile phone. Multiple computers (servers) can be added to this application to be controlled with the same mobile phone.

Unified Remote allows you to control your computer from your mobile phone without internet, that is, as long as both computers are connected to the same local network. You can also control your computer remotely with this application, however, in this case, you will need your computer to be accessible from the Internet, which involves port forwarding and even a public IP.

Although I’m talking about Unified Remote Full, a one-time payment software for around $ 5 on Google Play, there’s a free version of this app called Simply Unified Remote, but it doesn’t offer widgets and various program controls. specific to the computer.

Download the unified remote control: Full, free (Google Play), server (

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