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E-mail How to create a free e-mail account in AOL – AOL Mail is a quick and easy e-mail that can be categorized …

E-mail How to create a free e-mail account in AOL - AOL Mail is a quick and easy e-mail that can be categorized ...

AOL Mail is an email that can be classified as very efficient and safe, where files can be stored. This way, users can use it with confidence and without any risk.

AOL has unlimited storage; it also offers the ability to download the app and upload it to your device of your choice. In addition, it gives us the option to block conversations or people you want.

You can easily receive and send emails, in addition, it has a function in which you will see which of contacts are kept online. Emails can be classified and stored, it also has the ability to store copies of those sent or received, ie they are adapted to a wide variety of services that we can use for our daily tasks.

On what devices can I connect with my AOL account?

You can access AOL Mail from different devices Through the previously downloaded application or the browser you choose from the site, it is important to make sure that you have a good internet connection for a better operation.

From the web browser on your computer

If you’d like to sign in with your AOL mail account, you can do so from the browser of your choice on your computer, following the steps below:

  1. Enter the next page using the link
  2. Being on the main page, you need to enter the email address and password you previously provided.
  3. Then you will see the emails in the appropriate tray and also what is left of the options.

Mobile application

To log in with the same mobile account; of course it has to be downloaded the application in advance, This download is possible from the app store that you will find there as AOL Mail.

We start by opening the AOL mail application and in this window you will see some icons at the bottom and you will click on the «e-mail symbol» on the left. Then we will find the access manual where you have to write email address or user, the phone number added to your account and tap ‘Next’.

Then enter your password and click «Next». Finally, you need to check your data to access the AOL Mail service.

aol mail connection

Is it reliable to create an account in AOL Mail, to manage my emails?

The user experience of creating an account in AOL Mail gives us one of the best references to define them as a proposal trustworthy, It may not be as well-known or very popular as Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail, but it does guarantee efficiency, security and satisfaction, so much so that specialists are betting on strengthening against hacker interventions, computer virus or any agency.

In the same way, it is supported by the use of the SSL certificate, in addition, it has a security function at the beginning of the session, which does not only use the password to enter your profile or e-mail account; if I don’t really send you mobile phone security key when creating the account.

Likewise, when you sign in from another device AOL will send you a message notifying the user that a connection has been made.

What are the main features of AOL Mail?

The service offered by AOL Mail is quite extensive and useful to perform the various transactions we need as users and has the following features that will give you sustainability to confirm that you can fully trust their service:

  1. You can count on security up to start a mobile session; which will give you a code on your mobile phone to confirm that it is you.
  2. When you want to store emails, you can select them in your own way.
  3. It gives us 18 GB of storage space.
  4. It has the capacity to send 25 MB.
  5. Keep copies of emails sent and received.
  6. He has the receipt of «Anti spam».
  7. You can be careful when your contacts are active or online.
  8. It is a service validated by Verizon, thus becoming the largest provider due to the variety of people who use it in the UK.
  9. Has the ability to remove spyware; this will keep your information safe.
  10. It has content for you only, so it is considered exclusively secure.
  11. Give us a free email.
  12. It is available in different languages.
  13. You can download the application on any of the devices.
  14. It is accessible to send emails from companies with AOL.COM and from private companies.
  15. It has an excellent spell checker just like Gmail, Outlook etc.

aol mail mail

How do I fill out the AOL Mail registration form to create an account?

In addition to being a free account, it offers the ability to write data quickly and easily.

We go to the website and in the list of the service, we access the link:; Then you will find the registration form and we will continue to write the suggested data.

  1. We start by placing Name and surname.
  2. We enter the already predestined user.
  3. We designate a password and write it in edial which we will use for the next sessions.
  4. Then we continue to enter the full date of birth.
  5. Sex is chosen.
  6. Enter the postal code you belong to and phone number.
  7. Then, the code must be received on our mobile, for this we must click on the final option which is «Send the verification code via text message» and you will receive the 6-digit code.
  8. This way we will have access to new e-mail created in AOL Mail.

email application aol blue background

Steps to properly verify my AOL account

to Check it out For your AOL account, you need to enter the link: Once on the page, enter the AOL Mail provided above and enter the password.

If this password is accepted, you will be able to see the tray containing the emails and you will also see all the other options, otherwise confirm your email and password.