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Duckstation The best Psone emulator for PC

como funciona duckstation en pc.

Did you know that you can run old backups of physical games from the console to your computer? Yes, and all thanks to PC emulators (recommend I recommend you to follow this extended article that we update monthly with the latest news). However, if there is a console that we have not yet talked about how PC emulation was PSOne, but that will change, because in Tutowin10 we will talk about a program called Duckstation That will allow us run PSX games on low-resource PCs at 4K.. let’s see how it works!

What is DuckStation and what is it for?

DuckStation is Open Source Emulator (open source) which allows run backups of Psone games on Windows, Mac and even Android.

How to download DuckStation for PC 2021 for free

We can install Duckstation on Windows 10 from its official Github source via the link below.

Once on the page, just follow these steps:

  1. We make sure we’re in page of the latest versions of Duckstation (Lastest Development Bluild).
  2. Select the 64-bit version of Windows.
  3. We are waiting for the compressed file to be downloaded.

install duckstation.

The next thing we should do is unzip the Winrar file from the emulator, so we will have to follow these steps:

  1. select right click on the file.
  2. In the context menu we offer «Extract to appropriate folder».
  3. lead Duckstation EXE file.

duck station.

How to set up DuckStation on your computer step by step 2021

The first thing we will see when starting the emulator is that it is in English, so we will continue to put it in Spanish following these steps:

Put DuckStation on your PC in Spanish

  1. Select the tab «Settings».
  2. Let’s go to «Language».
  3. We select Spanish «.


Configure the DuckStation 2021 controls

You will still have to configure the commands so we will have to follow the following instructions:

  1. We give «Settings».
  2. Configuring commands.


Here we can redefine the keys and even follow this tutorial to use a PS3 controller on your PC.


How to play 4K on Duckstation fast and easy 2021

We can anytime play 4K on PSX from a low-end computer following these steps:

  1. I entered «Setup».
  2. Then in «Screen settings».

duck station screen.

  1. I entered «Enhancement settings».
  2. select internal resolution scale which by default is 1X.
  3. We select 5X for 1080p or 9X for 4K if your PC allows it.


How to play PSX games on PC with DuckStation Easy and Fast 2021

Finally, for download Psone games to your computer with this simulator just follow these steps:

  1. Let’s go to «Start the disk».
  2. select ISO.
  3. Let’s go to «Open».

play pxs on pc.

How to play Psone on Android with DuckStation 2021

Did you know that this emulator is also available for Android? You can follow the instructions to enjoy it on your mobile device by following the steps in this video 👇.

What do you think about this PSX emulator for PC?, you can leave my opinion below in the comments. Remember that you can share this tutorial with other people, this way you can support this project to move forward. Thank you very much for everything!