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descargar videos de odnoklassniki

Some time ago, I explained how to download YouTube videos easily and quickly. This time, we want you to rub your hands with the following article: Download videos from online and without programs since it will allow -all of you-, you can download free Odnoklassniki videos in HD and mp4 accordingly, without gadgets or installing weird stuff and best of all, whether or not it is based on itself And so, you can have those precious videos that you found in this Russian social network and you can watch them offline or whenever you want, follow the following steps carefully … It’s quick and easy.

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Download videos from online | Step 1: Go to and search for videos

First of all, and if they have not opened it, it will be necessary to go to this Russian social network or call you Odnoklassniki in its web version and after that, they will look for a video that they want to download and, once the video is found, I open it or give it to Play, so that it is displayed on the page

download okru videos

Download videos from online | STEP 2: Open a new tab

Once this is done, they will open a new tab of the browser they are using (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or others).

download odnoklassniki videos

Download videos from online | STEP 3: Enter a download service

In this tab that they have opened in their browser, you need to enter an online service called: «videocyborg«And for that, they will search Google for the term:»videocyborg«And they will click on the correct result and, by the way, it is the first result.

download okru videos

Note no: Another alternative that allows you to download videos from online, for free and in HD is the classic option, called «», which allows you to download videos from almost in the same way as the option videocyborg (very intuitive).

In this way, they accessed the cover of the videocyborg.

download okru videos online

Download videos from online | STEP 4: Copy the video URL

Now, without closing the videocyborg tab, you should go to the tab of the video you want to download from by clicking on it.

download okru videos

Once they have done the above, they need to copy the entire URL of that video that appears in the address bar of the browser they use and for this purpose, they can select the URL and then right click with the mouse and drop-down menu, select with a click or drag the mouse by pressing the left button and copy with Ctrl + c on the keyboard

download videos from odnoklassniki

Or, as another option to copy the URL, you can click the padlock icon with the text «Link«This appears at the top right of the video I want to download.

download odnoklassniki videos

With this, a central window will appear in the video and here, they will click on the button that says: «Copy linkAnd voila, that’s all.

download okru videos

Download videos from online | STEP 5: Paste the URL

So now they will go to the videocyborg tab that they left open by clicking on it and finally they will paste the URL of the video in the center box with Ctrl + v on the keyboard or, right click on the box and from the drop-down menu and select the option «Paste”.

download okru videos

Download videos from online | STEP 6: Download videos from Odnoklassniki

Finally, it’s time to download the video from, and for that, all you have to do is click on the button that says: «DOWNLOAD VIDEO”.

download okru videos

Perfect, they did very well. Immediately, this video download service from will process your download request and in a few seconds they will inform you that the video is ready, so that they can download it and for that, you have to click the button red that reads: «DOWNLOAD VIDEO”.

download okru videos without programs

The classic window will open to open or save videos and here you will simply click on the button that says: «To accept«And with that, the download of the video from will start and in a few seconds or minutes – depending on the weight of the video and its broadband – they will have in their possession the video that should be in the file»downloads«Or the one configured as a place to download files.

download odnoklassniki videos

Thus, you can download videos from online and without programs, for free and in HD, if the video is in high definition. As you have seen, it is quite simple, easy and fast and with it you can download movies from for free and whatever you want.