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Download the LG Q6 LGM700N user guide in Spanish

Download the LG Q6 LGM700N user guide in Spanish

LG Q6 Mobile Phone User Guide in Spanish useful for all models LGM700N. The manual can be downloaded in PDF format and contains all the instructions for use and tips for LG Q6 smartphones.

Being in a convenient PDF format, it is possible to download and view the practical guide from any device, regardless of its operating system; Android, ios, Windows, Linux, MAC, etc.

Although the best thing in this case is to download it and save it directly on the LG Q6 mobile phone to which it refers, to have it at hand and be able to consult it in cases where there is any doubt about its functions.

Download the complete user guide of LG Q6 in Spanish

Download your LG Q6 LGM700N user guide here

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by users about the LG Q6 mobile phone, which may be what you need right now, but we still recommend that you download and save the complete guide on your smartphone. it will cost nothing you will most likely need it at another time.

Frequently Asked Questions about LG Q6

How screenshots are taken?

1) It is possible to take screenshots of the screen through a direct access by combination of buttons

Press and hold the power and volume down keys at the same time for at least two seconds.

You can find the screenshots in the Screenshots folder of the Gallery application.

2) By function Capture +

On the screen you want to capture, drag the status bar downwards and tap the icon

If the screen is off or locked, you can also access the Capture + function by double-clicking to increase the volume.

How to enable Capture + on the screen: To permanently activate this function and be able to use it from the off or locked screen, you must first enter Settings -> General and activate the Shortcut option.

What is and how to use the application trash ?

The application cart allows you to view and manage uninstalled applications on the home screen. It is also possible to reinstall and recover any application that you uninstalled in less than 24 hours.

To enter the application trash Tap Settings -> System -> Application trash or also by continuously tapping a free area of ​​the home screen, and then select Application trash.

Once in the Activate the function you need option:

Restore – Reinstall all apps that have been uninstalled in the last 24 hours Trash – Permanently remove previously uninstalled apps.

What is LG Mobile Switch and how to use it ?

LG Mobile Switch is a unique feature that allows you to easily transfer data from an old mobile phone to a new one.

To access the feature, tap System -> LG Mobile Switch or also Settings -> General -> Backup and Reset -> LG Mobile Switch.

Then just follow the step-by-step instructions so you can transfer your data to your new smartphone.