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Download Smart TV AOC applications

If you want to download and install apps on Aoc Smart TV, then you are in the right place. We know that sometimes, given the Smart TV version, some applications may stop working and you may not be able to download them again.

Therefore, we will offer you all the possible solutions to these problems, as well as applications that you did not know and that can be very useful to use with Smart TV: WhatsApp, Netflix, YouTube, games and much more.

Are you interested? Then keep reading!

Applications for Smart TV AOC Linux: How are they downloaded?

Downloading applications should be no problem, as SMART TVs are designed for them. Although we understand that there are more and more models, and sometimes the process can be difficult, if you follow the correct steps you will have no problem.

The idea of ​​this post is to be able to facilitate all this without spending money, however, in the end, we will offer you an incredible alternative and very easy to use, but with a certain cost. But don’t worry, it’s not necessary!

The first essential step before downloading any application is to have your internet set up via the WIFI network. To do this you must:

  1. Touch the setup button on the remote control
  2. Go to the Connections section and then Wireless Connections
  3. Activate the WIFI connection and locate your NETWORK by entering the password
  4. Perform the connection test to confirm proper operation.

Once you have done this, we are ready to download applications to our TV. If an app isn’t available or doesn’t give you the option to update it because your TV is an older model, then you might be interested in the following.

How to have applications on Smart TV AOC

To have any application and you can download it from AOC Smart TV, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  2. Touch the «Home» button on the remote control or the «Smart» button
  3. An interface will open, we just have to look where it says «Store»
  4. We search for the applications we want, or you can filter by categories
  5. If you want to update one, just search, for example «Youtube» and if there is an update available, you will see the button to start it

AOC Linux Smart TV Applications

If your Smart TV AOC has a LINUX operating system, then there may be some compatibility issues for some applications, depending on your TV version.

In these cases, the best measure you can take is to choose to buy the already known «Chromecast«, The device launched by Google, to incorporate the» Android «operating system to smart TVs.

The great advantages that these involve are:

  • Compatibility with multiple applications
  • Unlimited updates to them
  • Possibility to download games
  • Access to the full app store in the Play Store or Google Play
  • Ease of watching movies: automatic synchronization of subtitles, etc.

As you can see, it’s like having a mobile device on your TV, because it will perform all the functions we indicate. You can even download WhatsApp!

You can order this device directly from MercadoLibre and it will reach your home, in fact, many sellers offer free shipping and do not worry, your purchase will be accepted and is 100% safe.

Once you have ChromeCast, all you need to do is connect it to your TV via the indicated cable and set up WIFI in it again. And it will be everything. The Aoc smart TV will recognize it and you will be able to access its menu and interface.