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descargar documentos de academia

Certainly, has become one of the most valuable portals for academia and science, as well as for people who like to be informed in certain areas of knowledge with very good references. For this very clear reason, at RecursosPrá we want to share the following guide: download from online and free where we will explain -to those interested-, the form to download files, documents, articles, books or PDFs from and can therefore easily revise it without an Internet connection or without connecting to the Academy’s account and is added to the guide mentioned above: download scribd documents that I can see again.

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Download from | STEP # 1: Go to

The first step is access or log in to your account and for that, they can search Google or upload their web address ( in the address bar of your browser and once on the home page of, they will click on the button: „LOGIN”Found in the upper right (if you are using a computer).enter my academy account

Then, the page to connect to will load here as well, simply log in with their respective data (email and password) and click on the button that says: «LOGIN«Or they will connect with their Facebook or Google account that they have connected.

connect to the academy

Download from | STEP 2: Find and open the document in

Once in your account cover, you will need to search for the document you want to download from and for this, those who have already saved that document in their library (Library) will have to go to it and for this, they will hover over their profile picture and the menu displayed, they will click on the option that says: «Library”.

see documents in the academy

On the other hand, other users of may perform the searches they deem appropriate by entering for this purpose, «papers«,»people«Or»interests«In the search box at the top and after that, they will load the results.

see articles in the academy

Those who saved the document in «LibraryThey will search for it and click on it, and the others will search for the results of their search and click on the result that interests them.

read documents in academia

With the previous action performed, a page of will open which, among other things, contains the document that interests them, I revise it to confirm that it is of interest to them and that they want to download it.

read the academy article

Download from | STEP 3: Access the download service

So now they need to open a new browser tab that they use – without closing the Academy – and in this new tab, they will load the web address of the following download service:

download edu academy for free

Perfect, they work very well. So now and continuing with the guide, you should click on the option that says, «DOWNLOAD ACADEMY«Found in the options at the top right of the download service page.

free download from academia

Download from | STEP 4: Copy and paste the web address

Once this is done, it is time to go to the page where they have opened the document they want to download and then here, they will copy the web address that appears in the address bar of the browser they are using (select the web address and then Ctrl + c).

download academy documents

Once the web address has been copied, it should go to the download service and here, it should paste the web address (Ctrl + v) in the center box below the gray text that says: Enter the URL of the document and after that, they will click on the green button that says: GET LINK

download from the academy

Download from | STEP 5: Determine that they are not robots

If things went well, a page of this download service will be loaded, which will allow you to download for free, and for this you need to do a reCAPTCHA which appears by checking or deleting the box above the text: I’m not a robot

download the academy for free

Note no: By the way, and in some cases, they may find it out of service, in which case you will have to wait and do it later.

For some, a window will appear with an exercise they need to perform to confirm that they are people, do it, and a green ticket will appear where the little square was.

download academy files

As for others, this green note will appear immediately where the small square preceding the text was: I’m not a robot and after this check, you should click the button that says: DOWNLOAD PDF which appears somewhat below.

download edu academy for free

Download from | STEP 6: Download the Academy document

With the previous click, the request will be processed and after a few moments, it will be ready to be downloaded by you and for this purpose, you need to click on the green button that says: DOWNLOAD PDF

download edu academy for free and online

Then the classic file save window will open and here you will mark the circle preceding «Save the file«And they’ll click the button that says,»To accept”And voila, this is the form to download from for free and online documents, files, articles, books and PDFs.

download academy documents

NOTE NO. 2: It goes without saying that if they use any material from to support a paper or a personal report, they must be judges, add those sources, and give the author fair credit and merit.