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Many times when browsing social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, we usually come across GIFs. These are sequences of moving images (like a video), but with a much shorter duration, which tend to be constantly repeated and are generally used to capture specific moments, scenes and / or reactions. And if you’re wondering: yes, you can download GIFs to use on your own in any environment.

In many platforms there are even options implemented to use one of these elements in response to all sorts of comments and situations, as «memes», these being quite popular. Most social networks usually have a search engine, so you can find the GIF you like best and use it as a post or reply in a conversation. This search engine is usually located in the lower right corner of the writing section, next to emoticons., because they perform a similar function.

Therefore, we could say that the use of these files in social networks or even in instant messaging is something of the order of the day, so it is normal to find them regularly on many of them that you want to be able to save to use. . themselves for the future and that’s where we enter … We explain how to download a GIF from any platform, step by step!

Download Facebook GIF

Facebook is one of the friendliest platforms when it comes to downloading content. Unlike Instagram, which for example does not allow you to download images, on Facebook you only need a few simple steps to get the desired multimedia content. This will greatly facilitate the process of obtaining the one we were looking for in particular.

PC download process

When you find a file of this type on this social network that you want to download to your computer, you simply place your cursor over it and right-click on it. You’ll see more options right now, but you need to click «Save image as.» Then A new window will appear in which you can choose the name under which you will save this GIF file and its location on your computer. (desktop, My Documents, etc.).

This sequence works to save posts as GIFS, comments and even, as I mentioned, Facebook has a section to use them as posts and responses in comments, it comes with a keyword search engine. Without having to comment, you can find one you like and follow the same steps to download it.

The mobile process

To download Facebook animated GIFs to your mobile phone from Android, you will need to take a few extra steps.

  • First, you need to keep your finger on the GIF until you get the «copy link» option
  • Then open your device’s browser (we suggest Chrome because it’s the one with the secure download option) go to the address bar, hold it down, and tap it.
  • Once this is done, the page will only open with the moving image. What you should do is hold your finger on the GIF again for a few seconds and there you will see more options, selecting «download image». This will be saved in the download folder.

You can do the same with the ones you find in the comments or in the reply bar. We also inform you that there may be another page that, even after these steps, does not allow you to download the GIF in question due to code or a programming incompatibility, although this is very rare.

Download Twitter GIFS

download Twitter gifs

Twitter GIFs are a little trickier to get, mainly because most of them are in MP4 instead of GIF. (video format), then to save them on our devices we need to use an mp4 converter yes or yes.

Given this, there are many options, including programs and applications that do the job. But if you do not want to download programs, we offer a more direct solution.

Computer download process

Or as «gringos» would say: «how to download a gif from Twitter». First, right-click on the GIF you want to download and click where it says «copy link». After that you have to find a page dedicated to converting videos to gifs. There are many options for this that will allow you to carry out the process online quickly and without complications, so use the Google search engine and choose the website that seems the most intuitive.

Once you choose a web page that allows you perform this format conversion, you’ll need to paste the link you copied from Twitter and press the «convert» button. Once the process is complete, the resulting file will be in GIF format and from the same page you can save it on your computer in your favorite folder. Done, you’ve already learned how to download Twitter gifs! easy and fast in a few simple steps.

Download GIFs from Twitter on your mobile

You should know that there are several ways you can download a gif to your mobile phone. The first is to follow the same steps I described in the previous section to download them to your PC:

  • Hold down the file for a few seconds and it will take you to a separate screen. At the bottom right you will see a symbol of three connected points, which is the global sharing option. Tap that symbol and several options will appear, give it the first one («copy»), then go to the browser and look for a page that converts the video format to GIF (if you’ve already done all these steps before, you can use it itself ).
  • Later, in the part where you need to put the link, hold down for a few seconds until the paste option appears and press the button to convert. Once the process is complete, you can download it and it will be saved in the downloads folder.

Another way to do this is, if you have Telegram installed (a very interesting alternative to the WhatsApp messaging system), use the mentioned application to help you.

  1. Take the first step first, but when you click «share» instead of copying, tap the Telegram icon (don’t forget to install it).
  2. Then choose the chat or group you want to share it with (you can create a group in which you are only for this purpose).
  3. Once you’ve done that, go to the Telegram chat and from there you can view the GIF. In the upper right you will see three dots in a column, which on mobile phones is mostly the «Menu» symbol. Touch the menu and choose the «Save to downloads» option.

Find specific GIFs

download animated gifs

If you have in mind a gif you saw on social media but couldn’t save in his day because you didn’t know how to do it or just want to expand your collection You can always use pages that act as «gif banks» to search through all the things you’ve stored And, this time, yes, save it to use whenever you want.

The best known is GIPHY, where through the search engine and categories you can find almost any topic. Some of the most popular are:

TOP 10 Most wanted gifs

  1. Love gifs.
  2. Good night GIFs.
  3. Good morning GIFs.
  4. Kissing gifs.
  5. Hugs gifs.
  6. Heart gifs.
  7. Goodbye gifs.
  8. Thanks for the gifs.
  9. Finish the gifs.
  10. Anime gifs.

To download them from your computer just right click and «Save image as …». If you’re on your mobile phone instead, make sure you’re doing this from your Chrome browser, then tap and hold the moving image for a few moments, and from the options that appear, select «Download image.»