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Door locks

pestillos de seguridad para puertas

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door locks There are parts that can increase the level of protection and protection of your property. It is a safer way than connecting the lock. Here we tell you everything you need to know before installing them.

What is a latch?

The latch is a simple mechanism that serves as Barrette in doors, gates, windows and swinging doors, he aims secure closure.

Latches and screws are, without a doubt, the oldest known antecedents of locks.

door locksDoor locks

In most cases, they consist of a metal bar (although in ancient times they were made of wood) that slides horizontally and is fixed on a pair of rings or hashes that are between the leaf of the door and the door. Wall or frame so when is this bar pass it is impossible to open the door or window.

Latches, bolts or bolts are not the main locking or closing element of the doors, they are used to strengthen the protection provided by the locks and to provide the doors with an additional level of locking. For this reason, locksmiths usually install them about fifty centimeters above the lock.

safety latches for wooden doorsSecurity locks for wooden doors

This location of the safety latches gives the doors a greater firmness and makes them more resistant to handling attempts that could be made from the outside using brute force. Thus, if even the perpetrators made the main lock jump, if the latches are strong enough, there would be no possibility to open the door if, of course, they fail to cut the latch, which in some cases is quite difficult. if not, they have the right tools and time to do it.

Types of door locks

There are several types of locks for high security doors. We have listed the most common screws or latches below.

Transverse latch

This is one of the most rudimentary, but this does not mean that it is less effective. It is very common to find them especially in old style gates because it is, in addition to an element of security, an aesthetic complement. Although in modern, armored doors that use complex multi-point locking systems, they are also often installed to provide a central lock at the door and turn it into an insurmountable barrier.

types of door locksTypes of door locks

This latch, as its name suggests, consists of a bar that crosses the leaf of the door horizontally.

Pine latch

This is the most common latch class which is found on most security gates. It consists of a small pin or a bar that slides horizontally and locks the doors.

Sometimes they can have more complex mechanisms and even a chain To prevent it from opening, they are already considered security locks.

Security lock

The security latch is distinguished from other types of latches by the fact that it incorporates some components that make it difficult to open them. It is usually an additional bar that is rotated not horizontally but vertically so that blocks the recoil of the needle bar.

door safety latchDoor security lock

Latch classes that can be found on the market

Today the latches are made with more complex systems that provide greater security. Below we will see some types of security locks that can be found on the market.

Security lock for combination doors

This is one of the most modern models that can be found. It consists, at first sight, of a common and common safety latch, ie a horizontal horizontal pin. The difference is that to drag it, you have to enter a numerical combination with four digits.

safety latchSecurity lock

English company Sterling produces some of the best combined safety latches which can be found on the market today. In addition, it is quite easy to install, as it is fixed to the door and frame by six screws.

If you have a drill and a screwdriver, you do not need to call the locksmith to install this safety latch on the door.

Only latch

If you have a simple wooden door with a good lock that is not so vulnerable and you want to give your home extra protection, then a good option is to install a simple, traditional lock.

locking latchLock lock

maker Lock specializes in this type of screw and offers them in different models and styles. Most are attached to the door and frame with eight screws.

Rotary opening latch

It can be considered one of the most modern, reliable and aesthetic door locks. They are designed to look more like a lock than a latch. These rotating latches are characterized by the fact that they have a wheel or handlebar that must be rotated to open and close. The pin is inside the mechanism and is not exposed like most latches.

interior latch of the doorInterior door latch

These rotary latches they are very common on cabinet doors, bathroom doors and windows. Some even incorporate triple pins for added security.

The manufacturers that produce the best rotary latches include:

  • LMYTech.
  • Lynx.
  • Hysagtek.
  • Sayayo.

How to install a security lock on a door?

Installing a latch on any type of door is fairly straightforward – you don’t need to call a locksmith to do the job. All that is needed is:

  • Drill.
  • Drill heads.
  • Screwdriver.
  • A ruler or square.
  • Security lock.
  • Screws (they come with the latch).
the price of the door latchThe price of the door latch

Here we explain step by step how you can install a security lock on a door or window in less than ten minutes.

  1. The first thing you need to do is take the latch you want to install and present it in the area of ​​the door where you think it is convenient to install it.
  2. Once you have presented the latch with a pencil or the tip of a screw, you can mark the points where you will need to open the holes. The latch consists of two pieces, one that goes on the door and the other that is fixed on the frame.
  3. With the points marked, all you have to do is drill until the holes are ready. There are almost always 4 to 8 screws.
  4. Introduce the latch once more and secure the screws with the screwdriver.

Remember, although it is a simple task, some more complex security latches require some prior adjustments, so you may need to contact your trusted locksmith.