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Disney Plus How to delete a Disney Plus profile from any device – Tutorial Knowing how to delete a Disney Plus profile is a procedure …

Disney Plus How to delete a Disney Plus profile from any device - Tutorial Knowing how to delete a Disney Plus profile is a procedure ...

To know how to delete a Disney Plus profile it is a mandatory procedure to know until the invoice is completed. That way, if someone unsubscribed from your subscription, you need to delete that profile and create a new space.

Therefore, we will see how to delete a Disney Plus profile from different devices. We will also review the function and features of these profiles so that you have complete information.

What is the main function of profiles on Disney Plus?

Profiles are custom sections for Disney Plus users. The role of these profiles is to be able to share your account with multiple people from family or friends. Therefore, when you share your account, each profile represents a different space for account owners.

In this way, the content of series or movies that a person watches it does not mix with that of others. Because each profile is personal and within it, everyone can see what they find attractive. Once profiles are created, each person’s preferences are protected in the section below.

In fact, there is the option of enter passwords in profiles so that each space is safer. This prevents other people sharing the account from entering a profile.

How do I create a new profile in my Disney Plus account?

The procedure for creating profiles in Disney Plus is not very complicated to perform. Since this is a task that it can be done by anyone including the little ones in the house.

edit profile deletion

In your Disney Plus account, if no profiles have been created yet, you’ll see a large circle with a plus. This is a button to create Disney account profiles that you just need to tap. By clicking on the Add button, we will proceed to create the profile as such, where first you have to choose an image. Disney has a large number of characters in their catalog, so it may take time to choose one of them as an avatar.

The list of characters is so wide that Disney divides it into sections, starring Disney princesses. In the same way, you can find MCU superheroes. Like Jedi, clones and other characters from Star Wars to Star Wars. Pixar also has its own section where you can find characters from the Toy Store and other animations. National Geograpchic and FOX are owned by Disney so you can choose the Simpsons or another character.

To finish, it must beset a name for the profile and a default language for listening to the content. Other rigorous configurations are required, such as profile classification

profile delete button

Since, you can make it a child-only profile and activate parental control over it. Finally, you need to tap on create and save and you can now watch movies and series in your profile.

Methods for deleting a Disney Plus profile

First, to delete a Disney Plus profile, you need to go to the Disney homepage. Obviously, you need to have an account and after paying the subscription corresponding to the month or year. Although you can be lucky for those who borrow an account and have a profile thanks to a friend.

In this case, all you need is an email and a password to log in and access your profile space. From there there are several divided procedures regarding the devices you use to enter.

On the computer

First enter your account and wait for it to exit logos of all profiles. Later, in the top right is the profile edit button that we need to access. Then it takes us to another section where it shows us the profile logos again. But this time he writes select profile to edit, then we have to choose the profile we want to delete.

This leads to another tab, it will be linked to the chosen profile as it displays the name, photo and settings. You have to skip all this and go to the last option, which in a very blue says clarito delete profile. When you tap there, you need to confirm the operation and this profile will be deleted.

In the mobile application

When you open the Disney app on any mobile device, the screen goes to the selection of profile logos. The bottom right is always on profile editing option, which you have to choose.

the option deletes the disney profile

Next, you need to enter the configuration of the profile you want to delete, ie you need to select it. A box appears identical to the process performed on the computer, where you can change the name or photo. However, in the end it is the button that interests us, marked as profile deletion.

On Smart TV

On TVs, the procedure is not very different, but the device changes dramatically. So, from Smart TV, enter Disney plus and enter the account where it should be find the profile edit button.

This is in the drop-down bar on the left of the screen, you can also click directly on your profile icon. Then choose the profile you want to delete, and when you tap it, the photo screen and the two options expand.

One is to edit the profile and its settings, the other is to delete the profile. Finally, you need to confirm the deletion and then this profile will no longer exist.

How do I select my primary profile on a Disney Plus account?

The main profile is the first to be created, because it belongs to the account owner and pays the subscription. So it is not necessary to select it or put it because it is understood that it is the first to come out. The main profile cannot be set as a child profile, nor can it be removed from the account.

tour deletes profile

If you own an account, don’t forget to check your account so that it has total safety. So the other members who have profiles don’t do what they want and everything is perfectly controlled.

What is the limit of profiles we can have in Disney Plus?

Disney allows everyone to create an account a maximum of 7 profiles different. Where these profiles can be accessed from ten different devices, be they tablets, phones, computers or televisions.

However, not all connected devices can watch Disney Plus content at the same time. Well, it is stipulated that only 4 devices consuming series and movies at the same time.