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Disney Plus How to create profiles in my Disney Plus account – Complete Creation Guide In Disney Plus accounts you can enjoy content …

Disney Plus How to create profiles in my Disney Plus account - Complete Creation Guide In Disney Plus accounts you can enjoy content ...

In Disney Plus accounts you can enjoy a wide variety of content which is owned by Disney. However, as is usual in streaming services, this is not a page where you enter and there on the main page are the movies.

On the contrary, after registering or creating a Disney account, you must create profiles in your Disney Plus account to separate people and tastes. This allows each person or account user to have a separate viewing history and preferred content. In this regard, we will discuss how to create profiles from Disney Plus accounts.

What are Disney Plus profiles for?

Profiles are common share your Disney Plus account with others. Thus, one person does not pay the full monthly payment, but the entire installment is paid between several friends and family.

Similarly, profiles They serve so that each person has all the content separately. Because if many people view content from a single profile, the history fills up quickly. Likewise, in the tastes or watches section later, all series and movies are mixed, and the content can be confused or lost.

While using the profile system, everyone has their own space to record their tastes and preferences. In addition, your viewing content history will be much clearer.

create Disney plus account profiles

Profiles are also common make the distribution and limit of views. In this sense, Ten can be devices registered in a single Disney Plus account. But only four devices can view or play the content at the same time.

When should more Disney Plus profiles be created?

After registering and accessing or entering your Disney Plus account, then account profiles can be created. The first time you access your account, you’ll see the profiles section with one or two already more or less configured for use. So you can enter one of them and finish the settings as you like.

However, there is no specific time to create all profiles. Because they are created as more people join the account. By itself, you can only keep the default profiles that the Disney Plus account defaults to. Then, each person who joins and pays into the account can create their own profile until the profile creation limit is completed.

What is the limit of profiles we can have in a Disney Plus account?

Of course, there is a limit when it comes to profiling. Then only 7 profiles can be created in total on Disney Plus accounts. This is one of the streaming services that allows you to create multiple profiles.

create my profile profiles section

The profiles are divided into two areas, on the one hand, there are normal profiles or adult profiles. Which have no restrictions and have access to all content on the platform. This includes the new STAR tab, which features Disney’s most violent and bloody content.

On the other hand, you will find child profiles, which are configured to be viewed by children. Well, they have content restrictions, so in these, you can only see children’s series, animation and children’s movies.

How do I create a new profile in my Disney Plus account?

When we are in the section on creating a profile, after clicking Add a profile, we go to settings. In this case, what the platform will show us is a series of images or icons to add. These are images of important Disney characters who have appeared in any Disney movie or series.

This image can be modified as many times as you want without restrictions here as well It is divided into sections from which you can choose. Well, Disney has an unimaginable number of characters, so you have to divide them into parts to make the search easier.

National Geograpchic It is also eligible where images of animals or landscapes appear. Disney princesses are another attraction in these icons as they are the most used as well as classics like Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan.

create account button profiles

From the mobile app

From a mobile app, you must first download and install Disney Plus from your trusted store. After that, we access the account that was created on this platform and the profiles section appears immediately.

Add profile It is an option that will be displayed at the top of the screen. When this button is pressed, a new circle is created containing the profile, which must be configured. To do this, all you have to do is name the profile next to a photo or icon.

If you want to make sure that only you enter this profile there is the option to set a PIN or password. This means that every time someone selects your profile icon, a password prompt box appears.

From the site

On the other hand, when this process is done through the Disney website, the procedure is similar. Well, what is changing is that now we will not be in an application, but in a web page.

In this order of arrival, you must access this page and access your Disney account. Then we look up again to find space add profiles and there you can create the profile stories you need.

create profiles with parental control

From the official app for other devices

There are other types of devices that also support the Disney Plus platform. E.g, game consoles or smart TVs. These devices support an official application that must be downloaded. To create profiles, the process is identical to the two explained above, so it is not very complicated to create a profile.

These profiles, wherever they are created, can be modified or edited to add or remove things. This is how you can enable or configure parental controls. This is to prevent certain profiles from accessing certain content that is inappropriate for children.

Another thing that isThis parental control is profiling Well, every time someone tries, Disney will ask for a password. Child profiles are also configured via the edit button and only content for children under the age of 7 is displayed. The STAR tab is another option that requires configuration, as this tab has content for people over the age of 18. Therefore, when you give the full part of the catalog, you must enter a password to enter.