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Disney Plus How to add series and movies to Disney Plus «My List» – For computer and mobile television covers a good part of the daily routine of a …

Disney Plus How to add series and movies to Disney Plus "My List" - For computer and mobile television covers a good part of the daily routine of a ...

Television covers a large part of a person’s daily routine and even more so nowadays, where much more time is spent at home than elsewhere. However, despite the other technologies, this artifact does not go out of style, but rather creates new models. And now, along with artificial intelligence, there are even smart TVs or smart TVs.

The benefits of this type of television include internet access. Here are platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus, can be managed not only from a PC, but also from a Smart TV. Disney plus gives you an entertainment option, including a custom list to recreate with movies and series, which you can organize and watch whenever you want through that list that can be created on your website.

What is the «My List» feature on Disney Plus?

For the user the function of My List is very useful because It is a way to quickly access the series you are watching or the ones you want to see short term. You can also check the same latent programs on your lists. If you do not have this function, you will have to enter each time to search for the desired series and even the sequence of what you are watching is cut. And what you want is for the person to be satisfied with the service.

What do I need to use «My List» on Disney Plus?

You must first enter the page, create a profile, a list will be found so that the desired avatar can be selected, then place the name and along with the photo of the selected avatar the profile will be saved.

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You can also create a child profile because it has age-appropriate features. And so parents are calm to control what their children see in these media. As a plus, if there are several users, each will have its own profileand so enjoy your own custom sequence.

What’s the procedure for adding movies or series to «My List» in Disney Plus?

If you are already clear about your favorite movie or series that you want to add to the list to be customized, there are a few steps to follow, depending on where you connect, ie from your computer or mobile.

On the computer

What you need to do is: in the search bar or categories, choose the movie or series you want to scroll. A plus sign (+) will appear, click and it will be added to the custom list.

From the mobile app

It’s very simple, locate your favorite movie or series in the directory and select it for your section. When it is there, a check mark will appear and voila, it is already added. In the «My list» option you can check if it has been saved.

How do I remove a movie from «My List» on Disney Plus?

How many times have movies or series been added to the list and left on hold, not seen, or simply seen and forgotten? Certainly many, in addition to taking up unnecessary space. Therefore, it is best to delete the list as the content is displayed.. If you no longer want to have a movie or series on my Disney Plus List, it can be done on any of the devices.

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From the web server

Follow these steps: first enter the page, log in to your specific account, then select the «My list» option and choose the movie or series you no longer want to have in the custom list and a check mark next to the playback icon is pressed. In other words, the aggregate option is «deselected».

From the application

Once connected to the app, locate the profile and click «My List». Immediately select the movie or series to remove from the custom list.