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DAZN explaining error codes and solutions

DAZN explaining error codes and solutions

DAZN is an online multimedia streaming platform specialized in broadcasting all types of sports live.

To understand it better, DAZN ends up being kind of like Netflix or HBO but with the difference that they broadcast only sporting events, football games, basketball, boxing matches, martial arts, racing and more.

DAZN is available as an application for Android, ios or directly to be opened in any supported web browser; Chromium, Safari, Mozilla, Opera House and so on

➕Table of contents➕ AZDAZN free forever ⇨Error codes ⇨BROWSER_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED ⇨Geoblocking by country or IP ⇨Temporary errors ⇨ Network connection errors ⇨ Cache errors ⇨DAZN stopped the error solution

The installation of DAZN is completely free, but not the reproduction of its content, which, like other types of premium multimedia platforms, requires a monthly payment subscription.

Although, thanks to the free period of 30 days, we will be able to enjoy all the MOZ content at the cost of «0».

And, although I don’t know if it’s correct to say it, I remind you that there is a trick to take advantage of this trial period and do it indefinitely, that is, the chaining of 30 days after 30 days.

Here’s an example of how unlimited Amazon Premium Video’s trial period is.

✅How to fix «Error codes» in DAZN

Introductions and notes aside, what really worries us in this article is to try common problems DAZN and thus provide appropriate solutions.

The issue that was considered the most common due to the number of queries made by some users of the platform, is the one that refers to browser incompatibility;


This browser cannot play videos.  Please use another browser to watch sports on DAZN.This browser cannot play videos. Please use another browser to watch sports on DAZN.

Basically, DAZN has detected an outdated or unsupported browser, so the solution is as simple as updating the device’s web browser or setting another browser as the default.

If you use a web browser to play content on DAZN from a mobile device, we recommend that you install Google Chrome for Android or Chrome for iOS.

After this last issue caused by an outdated or incompatible web browser, there is a long list of geoblocking error codes by country, region or a specific IP address.

Although they are not as common as the previous one, they can become a real problem if we do not know how to solve them.

DAZN error code: 65-000-401 DAZN error code: 65-000-500 DAZN error code: 65-003-000 DAZN error code: 65-003-400 DAZN error code: 65-003-403 DAZN error code: 65-003-404 DAZN error code: 65-007-034DAZN error code: 65-008-403 DAZN error code: 65-070-034 DAZN error code: 65-075-403

solution of errors in DAZN due to IP blocking consists change the IP address of the device that is connected.

In principle, it may sound complicated and expensive, but nothing further, here are two articles you will learn change your IP and country easily and for free:

▷▷ How to remove country lock on Android and ▷▷ How to hide IP address on Android

It can be just as common temporary errors in DAZN, i.e. error messages that appear, but which it resolves in a few minutes and does not require any user interaction or at most update the video.

DAZN error code: 11-003-011 DAZN error code: 11-003-013 DAZN error code: 11-065-013 DAZN error code: 11-012-012 DAZN error code: 11-064-011

Another very common type of error (relatively speaking) are those resulting from a faulty Internet connection or an unstable network signal. But they can also be due to non-payment problems.

DAZN error code: 50-000-034 DAZN error code: 50-020-200 DAZN error code: 50-049-401 DAZN error code: 53-009-000 DAZN error code: 53-017-200 DAZN error code: 55-005-017 DAZN error code: 55-007-000DAZN error code: 65-007-034 DAZN error code: 66-000-401

If your account is current and paid and you still receive some of these errors, then you certainly should Check your internet connection.

Problems with the application cache or data occur when this data is out of date and cannot be overwritten for some reason.

DAZN error code: 66-000-400 DAZN error code: 66-000-401 DAZN error code: 66-000-500

The solution is to clear the cache and then restart the affected mobile device.

✅ The DAZN solution stopped the error

Out of DAZN error codes which we have analyzed so far and which are exclusive to the application, on other occasions we can find the typical messages:

«The DAZN application has been stopped»,«DAZN It stopped«,«DAZN application it does not work«Or»DAZN it stopped working»This will be the same.

Which is practically because the application, for an unknown reason, has become corrupt and cannot run correctly.

✅How to fix the DAZN error

Right now we have two equally easy and effective options in both Android as in ios.

The first consists of uninstall the DAZN application and later install the latest version from the Google Play Store or App Store.

The other option is simply trying to clear the cache, clear the application data, and restart the device, as we would any of the DAZN error codes related to cache issues.