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Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock error solution

Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock error solution

If when you turn on your mobile phone you find the message custom binary blocked by frp (Custom binary locked by secure boot) and your device does not start, you have probably tried to reset the system without disconnecting your Google account.

Another reason can also be the fact that the OEM lock has not been deactivated on the mentioned smartphone or tablet when flashing a rom or isolated components, TWRP, Boot etc.

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The latter is the most common error when rooting or installing a custom recovery on our mobile device.

Whatever the case, we will guide you to repair any problems related to this accident.

What is binary blocking by FAP blocking or FRP blocking?

The translation for this expression would be something like this; «Custom binary locked by reset protection. »

FAP Lock is a security system embedded in Samsung mobile devices whose main purpose is to avoid any factory reset that has not been authorized by their owner.

Because many users are not aware of how this works FRP Lock security measure, FAP blocking issues.

How to avoid FRP Lock problems?

If we want to protect ourselves from mistakes Custom binary blocked by FAP lock, the first thing we should know is that never try to restore or reset a mobile phone connected to a Google Account and forgot or don’t know your password.

If we are in a situation like this where we have no choice but to reset the device, we must first delete all associated accounts, both Google and Samsung.

Fix custom binary blocked by FAP Lock error without PC

To bypass the said block from the phone itself without resorting to a computer, which is commonly known as «Bypass FRP«Or»Unlock FRP«The system must be fooled by taking advantage of one of its many errors.

The goal is to somehow get access to the web browser from anywhere in the settings to start Android, no matter how.

The most used way to do this is to take advantage of the keyboard configuration that appears when the password is requested, access the Android web browser and download a small patch file, then we will leave you with some examples.

the first trick is to launch TalkBack settings just when the home screen appears, for this we need to quickly press the Home button 3 times in a row.

When TalBack options appear, immediately after connecting to a WiFi network, select Settings -> and turn off TalkBack again by pressing the Home button 3 times.

Disabling TalckBack will keep your phone in the settings. If this closes, it means that this error has already been fixed on your phone, in which case we will try another way.

Go down to the Help box in TalckBack and click to access.

Among the help content we need to locate any tutorial that contains a video.

We play the video and click the «Share video» option.

Next to the Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons, click on several (above the 3 dots).

The configuration screen for Youtube updates will appear, select «skip» to continue.

When the video starts playing in full screen, we minimize by dragging the screen to the bottom.

Then we display the Youtube menu by clicking on the top right corner and selecting privacy policy -> Open via the Internet -> Cancel if updates appear and we will finally see the web browser.

In the browser we write «QuickShortcutGoogle Manager»To download two APK files (QuickShortcutMaker and Google Account Manager) which we will use to unlock FRP Lock.

NOTE: It is important to search exactly QuickShortcutManage Googler to avoid hundreds of misleading and redirected pages. We cannot add links or host such files.

Once both files have been downloaded, to find them, we go to the option Browser history -> Download history.

We first run the Google Account Manager file to install it, when we do this we will receive an alert Installation is blocked.

Click the alert settings and enable the unknown sources option to complete the installation and click close without opening.

Note: If a notification appears during the installation process that an updated version already exists, we must confirm that we want to replace it.

Then we repeat the same steps to install the QuickShort application, but once installed click on open.

In the search field of the application, type Google Account to locate the account manager.

Click on the «Google Account Manager» result and select any of these paths gsf.login and gsf.login.AccountSecurityActivity

Click Test and an account setup screen will open asking for a new password.

Without writing anything, enter the options on the top right and select connect to the browser.

A window for connecting to Google will appear and you will simply need to enter any email address and password.

Finally, we press the Back button of the device until we return to the configuration welcome screen and complete the steps to start the system;

Start -> Next -> Next -> OK -> etc until all the steps are complete.

Easily unlock custom binary locked by FRP with your computer

The next alternative to the FAP lock problem is actually the easiest, because, thanks to the computer, we won’t have to look for a way to enter the web browser from the FRP lock screen.


  1. Windows computer.
  2. USB cable.
  3. Download the original ROM of the phone. (You can download the ROM from the official phone support site)

  4. Download the latest version of Odin3 to your computer. If it’s a Samsung.

  5. Or the SP-Flash tool if it is a Mediatek device.
  6. For other devices, just download the appropriate tool.

Once we have downloaded the specific rom for our terminal, we need to use it with the clean option.

An example of this software turn Windows very popular would be Odin3 for Samsung Galaxy or SP-Flash-Tool for all MTK devices Mediatek.


Really the problem Custom binary blocked by frp it has only an almost minor disadvantage.

It goes without saying that all the data, applications, files and contacts that were on the phone will be lost when a clean installation of the original rom is performed, it is the only way to Fix custom binary blocked by frp error.

Note: All tools to block a rom have two methods to do so:

Clean, formatting the device before reinstalling the firmware. Or just update system files without deleting data or settings.

Remember, to get rid of the FRP blockage you need to perform a clean installation.

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