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CRM: a technological tool that can help a company grow

CRM: a technological tool that can help a company grow

Nowadays, every company needs to be known and move fast, so technology plays a key role in everyday life, because today we can see innovation as an accelerator of a company’s growth. In this way we will understand the need for the transition from a traditional company to an up-to-date company, which is interested in selling its products and services using all available tools that increase its potential, here is where mRCC offers a great advantage and a series of solutions quickly and accurately.

CRM as relationship managers allows us to interact with people automatically and directly, despite the fact that we are not face to face with the customer, this technological tool is responsible for providing an optimal quality service at the highest priority of a companies that are customers. One of the most important elements in business today is the growth plan of a company through technology, automation and investment in technology that allows the growth of a company in an accelerated manner.

Using a relationship manager allows us to improve the most important areas in terms of communication, so we manage to conquer more people by giving them what we sell, providing technical assistance, listening to their opinions and being advisors on the correct use of what what we sell. would be some of the advantages that a CRM offers.

Rapid growth in stages.

In the past, the growth of a company depended on the amount of resources it had and how they were used, today, thanks to technology, we can see some elements in these stages of growing a company. Here are a few:

  • Existence of a company: It is the starting point of most companies, the main priority at this stage is the sale of products or services, with the help of CRM, Branding of a company can be promoted quickly and efficiently in all social networks.

  • Survival of a company: At this stage, the business model is already considered appropriate, because the company has customers who generate a constant cash flow to keep the company afloat, using 24/7 a CRM guarantees a viable economic coverage.

  • The success of the company: being able to interact all hours of the day and from wherever you can serve people with internet access, the company is currently sustainable and a company’s growth strategies are needed.

  • Takeoff of the company: Mainly, startups that use CRM tend to grow rapidly due to its ease of use and the number of tools that this software has, right now we see rapid growth.

  • Company maturity: At this stage, the company’s growth can be controlled, through intelligent and planned strategies, which help us to enter into partnerships with other companies and offer new services.

The benefits of using a CRM in a growing company.

Information search and productivity.

One of the advantages of a CRM is that all the information that is generated will be centralized in one place, which will facilitate its search and access, it also allows us to increase the productivity of the company and employees, as all information will be digitized and we will have access to it quickly and from anywhere, this gives us rapid growth.


One of the advantages is that CRMs are a tool that can be customized in such a way that it can meet the needs of each type of company, either by creating new modules, editing or modifying existing ones in colors, shapes and functions.


Database: This is where Business Intelligence tools come into play, in charge of data analysis and reporting. These tools include Datawarehouse (Database) and Data Mining

Communication tools: CRMs introduce channels of communication with their customers. The most common are email and chat. In call center CRMs, the most common is that the call can be made from the application itself, so we would include the phone.

Social networks: Some companies enter the field of social networks to find out more about their customers and to interact with them through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Google + etc. All these tools are integrated into what we call social CRM.

All these advantages that generate the rapid growth of a company, offer versatility, personalization, interaction, 24/7 attention to all people and, above all, the automation of its processes. This allows us to connect with customers and suppliers to pursue the sustainable development of the company and thus a proper implementation of CRM. In addition to providing us with important information about customer behavioral characteristics in relation to the product we offer, CRM software allows us to collect, store and manage data about potential customers.

Considering all these points, we understand that it is important IMPLEMENTATION a CRM in our company to be able to have everything in one place, this technological tool gives us a fast and orderly growth, so that in this way we know more about the customer, loyalty to our relationship, so that we can sell more every day and be at the forefront of business technological innovation every day.

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