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Create an Indeed account

registrarse en indeed

Undoubtedly, when it comes to looking for a job or a job, it is necessary to knock on all the doors … For this reason, we want to share an article called: «Create an Indeed account«Which will allow them – all those interested – to register in Indeed for free (individuals and companies) without problems or inconveniences and thus can use this job search engine that will allow them to access job offers jobs in a good way, as well as the precious incorporation into the world of work by opening them in a way, that door closed suspiciously, follow the instructions.

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Create an account on Indeed | STEP 1: Log in to Indeed [Web – App]

The first step is basically to access or enter Indeed and for this purpose, you can do a Google search with the term: «Really«And once the results are uploaded, they will click on the correct results or be able to enter the Indeed web address which would be:»«In the address bar of the browser you are using, then click»enter«Or»To walk«It simply came to our notice then.

really enters

  • Really App: Alternatively, interested parties may use the Indeed application for that mobile device (Google PlayApp Store) will install and execute it. However, it is recommended to perform the Indeed registration process in its web version and, depending on the usage value, it can be migrated to that application.

really download the mobile app

Create an account on Indeed | STEP 2: Access the registry [Personas y empresas]

Once on the cover or home page of Indeed, you need to register and for this, everyone will click on: «Login«That you will find in the top right if you use a computer.

sign up for really

On the other hand, companies or individuals who want to publish jobs will click on: «Companies / Jobs”Which is in the upper right corner (next to the previous option).

create a business account really

With the previous action, a page will be loaded for people to connect to Indeed itself and somewhat below, the following link appears: «I’m not a member. Create a free account«To be clicked or clicked.

really sign up

In the meantime, companies or job seekers will upload the Indeed registration page where they are asked to add the company name as well as an email, and after doing so, they must click the button that says, «Check it out«And with that, they already have an account at Indeed.

really sign up

Create an account on Indeed | STEP 3: Sign up for Indeed [Correo – Redes sociales]

A page will then be uploaded to register with Indeed, which allows you to create an account with a registration form or by logging in to a Google or Facebook account. Each of these options will be explained below.

create an account at really

Sign up for Indeed – [OPCIÓN #1, PASO #1: Correo y contraseña]

The first and most used option is to create an account on Indeed, completing a classic registration form and making it, you need to do the following.

really register by email

  • Email Address: in this box, you need to enter a personal email that they currently have active and can easily access.
  • Password: In this other box, you will need to enter a password for the Indeed account that you will need to remember (type it somewhere) to avoid recovering an account in the future.

Once the above are done, they will cut or mark the box before the text: «I’m not a robot«And after that, they may have to reCAPTCHA to confirm that they are indeed human beings, and then they will click the blue button that says,»Create Account”.

Perfect, you did very well. They just created an Indeed account and an Indeed page has been uploaded where they can search for jobs by domain or location, as well as upload their resumes for companies to find.

you are really looking for a job

Sign up for Indeed – [OPCIÓN #1, PASO 2: Confirmar correo]

Finally, in this option, they need to confirm their e-mail and for this, they will go to the e-mail with which they registered, open the message Indeed and then click on the button Which says: «Confirm your account”.

really sign up

They will then be directed to an Indeed page where they indicate that their email address has been confirmed and to continue, all you have to do is click on the button that says: «Keep going«And you can really use luck.

sign up for really

Note no: If you can’t find the Indeed message in your inbox, you can check the spam or spam folder because there are messages that don’t pass certain email filters.

Sign up for Indeed with Google – [OPCIÓN #2: Cuenta Google]

The second option allows you to create an account on Indeed, by logging in to your Google account, and to do so, you’ll need to click the button that says, «Sign in with Google”.

create an account at really

Then a page will open to sign in to your Gmail account, and you’ll need to enter your Gmail in that box, and then click the button that says, «Next”.

sign up for really

After doing the above, they will be asked to enter their Gmail account password in the appropriate box, and then click on the button that says, «Next”.

really sign up

This way and automatically, they will have an Indeed account associated with or linked to their Google account and will be able to use it from now on to look for job opportunities.

Note no. 2: You need to specify here that every time they really want to log in, they need to sign in with their Google Account data.

Sign up for Indeed with Facebook – [OPCIÓN #3: Correo y contraseña]

One last option, which allows you to create an account on Indeed, by connecting a personal Facebook account and running this type of registration, you need to click on the button that says: «Log in with Facebook”.

create an account at really

Doing so will open a page to connect to Facebook, where you will enter your email address or phone number and password for your Facebook account in the boxes below, and finally click the blue button. which he writes. «Get in”.

really sign up

If things went well, they will instantly have an Indeed account connected to their Facebook account and can use it to search for jobs.

Note no. 3: By the way, every time they really want to log in, they need to log in with their Facebook account.