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Create an account on Roblox

registrarse en roblox

Some time ago, I explained how to have an account in League of Legends and thus, those interested can become addicted by playing this popular game. Well, this time at RecursosPrá we came for more and this time we want to present you the following guide: Create a Roblox account on your mobile phone and computer which will allow them – quickly and easily -, sign up for free at Roblox and in this way, you play one of the most legendary games of recent times, which has clung to many and it is very likely that you will fall into this addiction. Are you ready for adventure? Follow these steps.

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Create an account on Roblox | STEP 1: Insert Roblox on your computer and mobile phone

First, you need to access the Roblox cover or house and for that, they can search Google with the term:Roblox«Upload the results and click on the correct one or something else, and if you prefer, you can upload the Roblox web address which would be:»“In the address bar of your web browser and they will reach the first page faster and directly.enter the roblox

Roblox for mobile: on the other hand, those who have Android can go to Play Store and download the Roblox app and run it to start the registration process. However, the registration can be done in the web version on your mobile phone and then migrate to the application.

Create an account on Roblox | STEP 2: Sign up for Roblox on your computer and mobile phone

Once on the Roblox home page, you need to start the registration process itself and for that, you need to fill in the registration form which is seen in a central window and which consists of the following.

sign up for roblox

Roblox recording on your computer

Date of birth: in this option, you have to press or click on «Month«,»Day» and «Year«In order for some menus to be displayed in this as well, they can select the month, day and year of their date of birth.

User: in this box, they will enter the username they want to have and make themselves known on Roblox. Think about it and by the way, don’t use your real name.

Password: in this other box, they will enter a password for their Roblox account, which they can remember over time (note it somewhere) so as to avoid recovering a Roblox account by forgetting the password.

Gender: In this option, you must mark by clicking or clicking on the icon of your gender (male or female).

After completing the form, they will click on the button that says: «REGISTER”.

Roblox mobile recording

On the other hand, those who downloaded the application from their mobile phone and ran it, need to click on the registration button at the bottom right and after that, the registration form section will appear containing the same form for your computer.

sign up for roblox

Create an account on Roblox | STEP 3: Play Roblox

With the previous action, a Roblox page will be loaded where they receive Roblox (they already have an account) and from this precise moment, they can start playing and to do this, they can click or click on one of the games on which you recommend or select «See everything«To see them all and choose one of the games.

how to play in roblox

When you click or click on any of the games, a Roblox page will load that contains all the information about the game they have selected and here, those who use a computer must click the green button.

how to play a game in roblox

In the meantime, those who use a mobile phone and have selected a game, will see in a new section all the information about that game they have selected and here, they will simply click on the green button, which says: «Play”.

play on roblox

Those who use a computer, a central window will appear that will allow them to play and for this, they must click on the button that says: «Download and install Roblox«And once installed, the game will open automatically and the fun will begin, that’s all.

sign up for roblox

Note no: If you have questions about this, you can examine it at Roblox support.

Create an account on Roblox | IMPORTANT STEP # 4: Add an email and / or phone

After you have done the above steps, you already have a Roblox account, you can log in and play. However, it is recommended that you add an email and / or phone number to secure your account if you forget your username and / or password, and for this you will click on the tools above and from the menu that appears, you will select: «Set”.

sign up for roblox

The section will open: «My settings«And here, you can click»Add a phone«I»Add an email«

Thus, a central window opens where they will be asked to choose their country, add their phone number and check the password by adding it in the last box and after that, they will give «Add a phone”.

create a roblox account

Or a central window will open asking them to add an email in the first box and the password for their Roblox account in the box below, after which they will need to confirm this by clicking: «Add an email«

sign up for roblox

With this, they will be able to recover a Roblox account with the mobile phone and / or e-mail they have already added. Now let’s play.