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Create an account on Mastodon

registrarse en mastodon

A few years ago I explained how to register on Twitter without any problems To do this, use this social network. However, many Twitter users are uncomfortable and bothered by the constant restrictions and blockages that are suffered in the bird network, and for this reason we would like to present the following article: Create an account on Mastodon that will allow them sign up for Mastodon without any problems and in this way, to be part of a free and decentralized social network very similar to Twitter and which is an undisputed reference without censorship that is gaining more followers every day.

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Create an account on Mastodon | STEP # 1: Enter the Mastodon [Web – App]

The first step is to access Mastodon, and for that, nothing is easier than to start a search with the name of this social network: «mastodon«In the Google search engine and will click or click on the correct result that identifies it:

enter the mastodon

Mobile applications: Those who want to use Mastodon on their mobile phone will be able to access it this section of Mastodon and choose the app that you find convenient and depending on your mobile device. However, we recommend that you register in its web version and then, depending on usage and convenience, migrate to that application.

Create an account on Mastodon | STEP 2: Register at Mastodon

After completing the previous step, you will reach the Mastodon web homepage and here, you will be able to make that registration by filling in the following form that you will find on the right side of a computer screen or by sliding down from a mobile phone.

create a mastodon account

Username: in this box, they will enter the username they want to be known in Mastodon.

Email Address: in this other box, you need to enter a personal email that they currently have active and can easily access.

Password: here, you need to enter a password for your Mastodon account and, of course, it is recommended that it be difficult for a third party to discover, but also easy for you to remember to avoid recovering a Mastodon account by forgetting your password.

Set the password: in this last box, they will enter the same password as the previous box without making a mistake.

Once they have completed the form completely, they will need to tick or cut the box that precedes the text that says, «I accept the server’s rules and terms of serviceAnd then they will press or click the blue button that says: Check it out

Create an account on Mastodon | STEP 3: Check the email

If things went well, a Mastodon page will load where it informs them that they have sent a confirmation link to their email that they need to click or click to activate their Mastodon account.

check the mail in the mastodon

Then they will go to their email that they entered the Mastodon registration, open the Mastodon message, and finally press or click the button that says: Check your email address

check the mastodon account

Note noBy the way, sometimes the messages do not pass the security filters of the e-mails and therefore these messages do not appear in the e-mail box. In these cases, it is recommended that you check your spam or spam folder.

Create an account on Mastodon | STEP # 4: First steps

With the previous action performed, they will be directed to a Mastodon page where they are greeted and asked to review these steps by pressing or clicking the blue button that says: Let’s go!

sign up for the mastodon

In this second step, they inform them about what they will find in «start«,»Local» And also, «FederationAnd after analyzing this, they will press or click on the blue button that says: Next

how the mastodon works

In this last step, they are informed about what it is: “Answer«,»retouch«As well as,»FavoriteAnd after reading this, they will press or click on the button that says: FINISH THE TUTORIAL!

create an account on mastodon

Voila! They have managed to create an account in Mastodon and now, they will appear on the main page of their account and from this precise moment, they will be able to use it as they see fit and can invite their friends to promote free alternatives without the restrictions they have. Twitter

create an account on mastodon