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Create an account in DocPlayer

registrarse en docplayer

register in docplayerIn RecursosPrá I made a guide for create a free SlideShare account the same, to be able to create an account on Issuu, Scribd, Calaméo and other online repositories that contain interesting files in various formats for viewing and downloading. On this occasion, we would like to present a new guide called: Create a free DocPlayer account which will allow you all, sign up for DocPlayer with no problems or difficulties And so, in order to be able to use this large online store of free files that can be very useful, follow these steps.

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Create an account in DocPlayer | STEP 1: Enter DocPlayer

The first step is to access DocPlayer specifically, and for that, nothing better than using the Google search engine to search for the term «docplayer”, Upload the results (Enter or Search) and then tap or click on the correct website whose web address is:

enter docplayer

Create an account in DocPlayer | STEP 2: Access the registry [PC – teléfono móvil]

Once the previous step has been completed, you will reach the main page of this online repository and then now, it is time to start registering in DocPlayer and for this, those who use a computer or a desktop computer must click on: «Registration» . appears in the upper right.

create a docplayer account

And if you use a mobile phone, you need to click on the option «Record«Appearing at the top next to»Login”.

register in docplayer on your mobile phone

Create an account in DocPlayer | STEP 3: Sign up for DocPlayer

Then the registration page will load in DocPlayer and you will be able to see here, a registration form in the center if you use a computer or, you will see it at the bottom if you use a mobile phone (after privacy)) and that you must complete with the following information.

complete the docplayer registration form

Sign Up for DocPlayer · [Llenar formulario de registro]

This will require you to complete or complete the registration form in DocPlayer.

create a docplayer account

Name: in this box, they will simply enter their name or, if they wish, with whom they want to identify themselves in DocPlayer.

Name: in this other box, they will enter their last name or whatever they consider to be their last name.

E-mail: here, you need to enter a personal email that is currently active and can be accessed without any difficulty.

Now, it’s time to show that they are humans and not a robot that is recording, and for that, they will click or click on the small square that precedes the following form: «I’m not a robot«

Doing the above, it is possible for a window to appear with an exercise that you need to perform to prove that you are human and when you do it correctly, a ticket will appear in the box or, this ticket will appear without doing this. exercise rule out that I am a robot.

Password: In this penultimate box, you’ll need to enter a password for your DocPlayer account, and it’s recommended here to be difficult for third parties to discover, as well as easy to remember to avoid recovering a DocPlayer account in the future.

Repeat password: in the last box, they will enter exactly the same password as in the previous box.

Once this is done, you must mark or cut by pressing or clicking on the square that precedes the following text on the form: I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Finally, when they have completed this form completely, they will press or click on the blue button that says, «Create an account«

Create an account in DocPlayer | STEP 4: Account ready to use

If things went well, your user’s page will be uploaded to DocPlayer and right now, they are able to use this online storage service and, as Porky said, «that’s all people do.»

create a docplayer account