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Create an account in Add Me

registrarse en agregame

Currently, there are a large number of websites to meet people, to find a partner, and, last but not least, to flirt, and one of these websites was Add Me, which, with a simple and very functional design, it allows users to interact comfortably. Well, the following article from RecursosPrá called: Create an account in Add Me will allow -all interested-, to register for free in Add Me and so I can use this site for free to interact with other users, follow these steps carefully.

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Create an account in Add Me | STEP 1: Log in to add me · [Web – App]

The first step is to go to the main page or cover of Add, and you can do a search with the term: «add me«In your favorite search engine and click on the correct result or, you can upload the Add URL, which is:»«In the address bar of the browser I’m using and ready.

come in add me

Now, on the other hand, mobile phone users will be able to use the Add Me app (iTunesGoogle Play). However, it is recommended to perform the registration process in the web version and, depending on the use offered by the service, may migrate to the application for their best use.

Create an account on Add Me | STEP 2: Sign in Add Me · [correo o Facebook]

Once they have accessed the cover page of Add Me, they need to start the registration process itself and for that, they need to start by defining their gender by clicking on the blue button that says: I AM A MAN or, at the button that says: I AM A WOMAN

create an account in add me

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Doing the above will load a new Add Me page that contains a box with registration options, which would be the classic registration form (mail) and login to a Facebook account that has for this purpose. We explain each of them below.

Sign up for Add Me by Email – OPTION # 1 | Step no. 1: Fill in the form

To use this registration option in Add Me, you must fill in the fields or boxes in the registration form that is displayed and which consists of the following.

create profile in add me

Username: In this box, they will enter the username they want to have in Add Me. Remember that with this name, you will make yourself known and it is worth giving your real name or one that I did not act to your detriment.

Email valid: in this other box, they will need to enter a personal email that they currently have active and can easily access.

Once these boxes are completely filled in, they must mark or cut the box that precedes the text that says: I accept the Terms and Conditions and after that, they will just click on the green button that says: Free registration

Sign up for Add Me by Email – OPTION # 1 | Step 2: Complete the profile

When you do the above, an internal AddMe page will load which has a central window indicating that the profile is incomplete and that you should spend a few minutes completing the profile mentioned and for that, they will click on the green button that says: «To finish”.

completely add my profile

Now you will be able to view the form behind the previous center window and it should be thoroughly filled in with the required data (remember better) and once this is done, you will click on the green button that He says: «Save the answers«From lower.

fill in the registration form in add me

Sign up for Add Me by Email – OPTION # 1 | Step 3: Confirm the account

One last step is to be able to activate your Add Me account, and to do this you will simply need to go to the email you registered with in Add, open a message that was sent to you, which should to be in the mailbox and finally click on the blue button that says: Activate my account in Add me or, if you wish, copy and paste the link below directly into your browser.

sign up to add meFor some strange reason, the message I received was in html code and the button does not appear. But yes, clickable links are just as good for this purpose.

Note no: By the way, the Add message may not pass the email filters you have registered with and therefore may not appear in your inbox. In these cases, it is suggested to check your spam or junk messages folder, as it may be there.

Finally, a new Add Me page will load in your browser, where you will be informed that your account has been activated correctly and you will be able to use it from now on, with great success.

sign up to add me

Sign up for Add Me to Facebook – OPTION # 2

On the other hand, those who are interested in using the option to connect their Facebook account for this purpose, should start by clicking on the blue button that says: Sign in with Facebook

register add me

Then, a page will be uploaded to connect to Facebook, and you here, just add the data you request in the boxes (email or phone number and password) and after doing so, you will click the button that says: Login

you have a profile in add me

A Facebook page will load with a central window, indicating that Add Me will receive some data and, if they agree, they will click the blue button that says: Continue as «your name» Or I can click on «Edit | ׫To change whatever data I want and that’s it.

register add me

Perfect, they did very well. By executing the above, they will automatically have an Add me account linked to their Facebook account and which they will be able to use from now on, fortunately.

Note no. 2By the way, when you create an account in Add Me by logging in to your Facebook account, you should know that every time you want to enter Add Me you will need to sign in with your account data.