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Create a Wikipedia account

registrarse en wikipedia

Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is one of the most interesting online projects that exists on the Internet and is notable for the vast information it has accessible at no cost, but in addition to the fact that it is a collaborative project built by people who want to -to contribute to certain areas of knowledge. For these reasons, we would like to present the following article: Create a Wikipedia account where it will be explained with total clarity, steps to register in Wikipedia without problems or difficulties and thus, stakeholders can be part of this great online project that allows access to knowledge and information.

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Create a Wikipedia account STEP 1: Enter Wikipedia

The first step is to sign in, and for that you can Google its name: «wikipedia”, Upload the result, and then click or click Wikipedia itself, or you can upload the following URL: in the address bar of the browser I’m using and ready.

enter wikipedia

Create a Wikipedia account STEP 2: Access the registry

Once on the cover of Wikipedia, you need to access the register and for this purpose, simply press or click on the text that says: «Create an account«It appears in the options above.

create a Wikipedia account

Create a Wikipedia account STEP 3: Register on Wikipedia

With the previous click, a page of this online encyclopedia will be uploaded that allows you to create a Wikipedia account, and for this you need to fill in a form with some data and which are the following:

wikipedia registration form

User: in this box, they will enter the username they want to have on Wikipedia and, if they have any questions, they can click on: (help me choose) which appears above the box on the right and thus find out some details and decide on a good username.

Password: in this other box, you will enter a password for your Wikipedia account and it should not be easy for a third party to discover, but at the same time it should be easy for you to remember (it is recommended that you write on some paper) to avoid recovering a Wikipedia account in the future.

Confirm your password: here and without mistakes, you have to enter the same password they wrote in the previous box.

Email address (optional): In this last box, they are optionally asked to enter a personal email that they currently have active or can easily access, and although it is optional, it is useful to reset your password.

CAPTCHA (identity verification): a little below, they will be asked to write the words that appear in this CAPTCHA in the box.

Once you have completed the form, you should click on the blue button that says, «Create Account”.

Create a Wikipedia account STEP 4: Edit the Wikipedia article

After the previous step, a Wikipedia page will be loaded with a central window in which you are invited to correct a simple article by clicking on the blue button that says: «Edit a suggested article«Or, if you wish, you can opt out by clicking on the text that says:»No, thanks maybe later“Under a button.

create a Wikipedia account

Create a Wikipedia account STEP 5: Confirm the email

Once you’ve done the above, they need to go to their email that they associated with your Wikipedia account to confirm.

check your email on Wikipedia

So they will go to your email, open the Wikipedia message, and then click on the link that appears.

create user in Wikipedia

Note no: Some people may not find the Wikipedia message in their inbox, and in these cases you need to check your spam or junk mail folder, because it has certainly not passed the security filters and is there.

They will be directed to a new tab in their browser, where a Wikipedia page will load where they are told they have been able to confirm their email address and voila, they have been able to create a Wikipedia account and from now on, I can use it. as the case may be, so simple.