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Create a Memrise account

registrarse en memrise

Some time ago, in an article I showed you the steps to be able to sign up for Duolingo and in another article, how could get a Babbel account. Well, this time at RecursosPrá we want to present the following article: Create a Memrise account which will allow all those interested to have a fairly good option to learn English, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian or Arabic (by the way, more languages ​​may be added in the future) and thus, they can learn and practice that language online that they are so interested in, they can follow these steps.

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Create an account at Memrise | Step 1: Enter Memrise [Web – App]

First of all, you have to enter or enter Memrise and for that, I can choose to enter its web version, to search it in Google by name «MEMRI”, Upload the results and click the correct one.

enter memrise

Memrises for mobile phones: Now, if you prefer, you can choose the Memrise app for the mobile device you have (Google PlayApp Store), download it and run it. After that, the procedure is very similar to the web version that you can follow below.

memrise application

Create a Memrise account | Step 2: Access the registry

With the previous step, you will reach the main page of Memrise and here, you will simply start registering for it, you have the option to click on the option that says: «CHECK IT OUT”This appears at the top or click on the yellow button that says: Get started now!

sign up for memrise

Create an account at Memrise | Step 3: Choose a language

Then, a new Memrise page will be loaded and on this page they are asked to select the language they want to learn and for this, they will first check the language they speak is the one displayed in the drop down menu and if it is incorrect, do click on it and choose the language I speak.

sign up for memrise

Once the above are verified, they will practically click on the language they want to learn in Memrise.

select the language in memrise

Create an account at Memrise | Step 4: Choose your level

This Memrise page will be updated and now they are asked to sensitively choose the level with which they want to learn and practice the language they have previously selected and for this purpose, they have the option to start from scratch by clicking on the central yellow button that says: «Start from the beginning”.

how to learn a language in memises

Or they have the option to scroll down this page, and when they do, they will find different levels of language that they will need to revise and, depending on what they think is appropriate and correct, they will click on the most appropriate option. appropriate level.

choose the language to learn in memises

Create an account at Memrise | Step 5: Register

Once the language level has been chosen in the previous step, a new page will be uploaded which will allow you to create an account in Memrise itself and for this you have the option of a registration form as well as the login options to have a personal Google account or Facebook.

memrite registration options

Then, we will detail each of them and starting with the registration form option and then, the option to create an account in Memrise with Google and, finally, with Facebook.

Register in Memrise with the registration form · [Opción #1]

The first option for creating an account in Memrise is to fill out the form that appears on this page with the following information.

create a memrise accountUsername: In this box, enter the username you want to have in Memrise.

E-mail: in this other box, they will enter a personal email that they have active and that they can access without difficulty.

Password: In this last box, they need to enter a password for their Memrise account that can’t be discovered by others but can be remembered to avoid recovering a Memrise account due to forgetting the password in the future.

Once this form is completed, you need to click the button that says:Registration by e-mail«

Sign up for Memrise with Google [Opción #2]

A second option allows you to create an account in Memrise with Google, and for that, you need to click the button that says: «Sign up for Google«

register in google memes

After selecting this option, the classic window to connect to Gmail will appear and here, simply enter your Gmail email address and click the button that says: «Next«

register in google memes

This way, this window will be updated and now, you have to enter the Gmail password in that box and after that, they will click on the button that says: «Next«

sign up for memmail with Gmail

If things worked out, seamlessly connect your Google Account to Memrise.

Sign up for Memrise with Facebook [Opción #3]

With this third option, they will be able to create an account in Memrise with Facebook and, to execute it, they will start by pressing the button that says: “Sign up with Facebook«

sign up for memrise with facebook

This will open a Facebook window that allows you to log in here as well, enter your email address or phone number in the first box and password in the box below, and finally click the button that says : «Login«

sign up for memrise

Well done, you managed to connect a Facebook account on Memrise.

Create an account at Memrise | Step 6: Start learning

Voila! After performing any of the registration options in the previous step, a new Memrise page will be loaded that allows you to start a first lesson of the language you have chosen in a very educational and enjoyable way, take advantage of it immediately.

create a memrise account

After doing the exercises in the first class, they will be informed about their score, as well as the time needed to do it and the successes they had and will be able to continue to the next lesson, both.

sign up for memrise