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Cover the door lock

tapar cerradura puerta

If you need help cover a lock on a doorIn this article we will show you the best techniques you can apply to cover a door lock and make it look like new, which will depend on how good you are with the tools.

Whether you want to completely remove the lock, cover the hole and place another type of lock, or change its height, here are some techniques for cover a lock.

covers the door lockCover the door lock

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What you should know before connecting a lock

If you want covers a door lock interior or exterior for security, to block access to a certain space or to leave the door without a lock, in this article you will learn how to cover the door lock in the best way.

how to cover a lockHow to cover a door lock

The techniques are permanent, so if you want to cover a lock, you need to know that you will not be able to use it again.

Now, we leave the introduction and show you how to cover a lock.

Three different and easy ways to cover the door lock

Here we will show you 3 ways to cover up lock With simple steps, we stop running and go straight to the methods.

Cover the door lock with putty

One of the best techniques you can use the cover of a door lock is applied evenly, because it can be done at home in a few hours and you will get very good results.

lock cutoutLocking lock

The best thing is that it can be used on all types of doors, from metallic gates even wooden doors.

Of course, this technique has its disadvantages, the putty can be corrupt and vulnerable, but if you use it indoors there will be no problems for sure.

Here are some of them tools you will need to cover the lock putty door.

  • Putty (available at the hardware store)
  • Spatula.
  • Sanding paper.
  • Varnish the color of the door.
  • Cardboard
  • tape

Now learn how to grout the door lock

  • Prepare the lock that you will cover, remove any metal or part of the lock that occupies that space.
  • Sanding paper the surface around the keyhole a little so that the putty can adhere well.
  • Cover part of the keyhole with cardboard and tape.
  • Prepare the puttyand, with the spatula, insert it into the hole occupied by the lock.
shields for locksShields for locks
  • With the spatula press the putty so that it is compact in the hole and removes excess.
  • Wait a few hours, although it is best to wait 24 hours or more for the putty to be completely solid.
  • Use a fine sandpaper to polish the putty at the same height as the door surface.
  • Apply the varnish of the same color of the door and let it dry, you can sand again and apply another coat of varnish to improve the result.

Cover the door lock with wood veneer

some wooden doors I’m not from solid wood, known as combination doors or veneered wooden doors, because their interior is completely empty.

door guardsDoor protectors

So, without further ado, here’s how covers the door lock with Dental veneer.

You have to:

  • White glue or white glue, you can find it in the bookstore, although if you have white glue for wood, much better.
  • Two square or round veneers, preferably the same color as the wood of the door.
  • Wood lake.
  • Fine and small nails.
  • Hammer.
  • Electric or manual saw.

Now let’s see the procedure to follow to cover the lock on a wooden door.

Procedure for covering the padlock with wood

  • You should first measure the size of the keyhole, and if you have two together, it is best to mark a large square that covers the two holes.
  • Normally, tin doors have only one in which the button lock is inserted.
  • After marking the square, you need to make two identical squares in the wood veneer you have already bought.
  • Cut the squares from the sheet metal for the door.
covers the keyholeCover the keyhole
  • And now enter the squares of the sheet that you previously cut with the same shape and size as the ones you removed.
  • It should be correct and, if it does not enter the hole, you need to sand the edges a little to get inside.
  • Apply glue on the back of the sheet metal square and put the sheet in position, now is the time for nails, they will serve to hold the sheet a little longer, but if you do not want to use them, do not do it.
  • Make a little paste with glue and wood chips from which you cut and fill in the small spaces that could have been between the door leaf and the square sheet.
  • Sand the joint between the two sheets, clean and apply varnish so that both sheets have the same shade.
lock protectorLocking protector

Definitely a great way to covers the door lock which can be useful if you want to do a little manual work on a weekend, it should be said that this technique is the same that carpenters use to make this type of door repairs.

Cover the door lock with metal

Metal doors need other types of repairs cover the lock, and if you have the necessary tools and equipment, you can cover the door lock with metal without any problem.

For cover the door lock with metal
you will need the following materials and equipment.


  • 1.5 mm thick metal sheets.
  • Electric circular saw or manual saw.
  • Welding machine and electrodes.
  • Grinder, sandpaper or tab
  • Varnish the color of the door.
lock cutoutLocking lock

Steps to cover the door lock with metal

  • Remove the old lock and with the saw, remove any piece of metal that protrudes above the surface of the door.
  • Make a square or rectangular mark with a pencil and a ruler to find out which will be the size of the metal that we will cut to cover the keyhole.
  • Cut the marked rectangle on the door by removing the holes in the lock and cut the rectangle of the same size into our sheet metal.
  • show tin in the hole in the same way to make sure it looks good.
  • Yes you have a welding machine, put a few solder points to fix the problem, then solder completely.
  • Use the polish to remove excess solder, sand it and cover it with varnish or paint and let it dry.
  • In case of not having welding machineTake all the steps and when you need welding, ask a neighbor, a friend or go to a blacksmith to do the work for you (it’s easy, it won’t cost you much if you’ve already cut the piece).

We hope that these 3 ways to cover a door lock have helped you to repair the door of the house and cover the lock.