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Convenient keyboard shortcuts in Word for Windows and Mac

Convenient keyboard shortcuts in Word for Windows and Mac


Create a new document Ctrl-N ⌘-N Open a document ctrl-a ⌘-O Save a document Ctrl-S ⌘-S Open the Save As dialog F12 ⌘-Shift-S Close a document Ctrl-W ⌘-V Print a document Ctrl-P ⌘-P Select everything in the document Ctrl-A ⌘-A Copy the selection to the clipboard Ctrl-C ⌘-C or F3 Paste from clipboard Ctrl-V ⌘-V or F4 Delete the selection and copy it to the clipboard Ctrl-X ⌘-X or F2 Cancel the last action Ctrl-Z ⌘-Z or F1 Redo the last action Ctrl-Y ⌘-Y Add a comment Ctrl-Alt-M ⌘-Option-A Turn revision tracking on or off Ctrl-Shift-E ⌘-Shift-E Perform spelling and grammar checks F7 ⌘-Option-L or F7 TEXT FORMAT

Make the text bold Ctrl-B ⌘-B Send italics Ctrl-I I-I Underline the text Ctrl-U ⌘-U Double underlined text Ctrl-Shift-D ⌘-Shift-D Underline the words, but not the spaces Ctrl-Shift-W ⌘-Shift-W Beaten text Alt-H, 4 ⌘-Shift-X Convert text to uppercase Ctrl-Shift-A ⌘-Shift-A Make the text supercript Ctrl-Shift- + ⌘-Shift- + Make the index text Ctrl- = ⌘- = Increase font size Ctrl-Shift-> ⌘-Shift-> Reduce font size Ctrl-Shift- ⌘-Shift- Open the Font dialog Ctrl-D or Ctrl-Shift-F ⌘-D Enter a hyperlink Ctrl-K ⌘-K PARAGRAPH FORMAT

Align the text to the left Ctrl-L ⌘-L Align the text to the right Ctrl-R ⌘-R Central alignment text Ctrl-E ⌘-E Justify the text Ctrl-J ⌘-J Indent a paragraph Ctrl-M Ctrl-Shift-F Remove paragraph alignment Ctrl-Shift-F ⌘-Shift-M Switch to line spacing Ctrl-1 ⌘-1 Switch to double spacing Ctrl-2 ⌘-2 Switch to 1.5 distances between lines Ctrl-5 ⌘-5 Remove paragraph formatting Ctrl-Q Open the Apply Styles task pane Ctrl-Shift-S Open the styles panel Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S ⌘-Option-Shift-S NAVIGATION AND DOCUMENT VIEW

Upload a paragraph Ctrl up arrow ⌘-Up arrow Move a paragraph down Ctrl-Arrow Down ⌘-Down arrow Move a word to the right Ctrl-Right Arrow Option-Right arrow Move a word to the left Ctrl-Left Arrow Option-Left arrow Move to the top of the document Ctrl-Home ⌘-Home or ⌘-Fn-Left Arrow Go to the end of the document Ctrl-End ⌘-End or ⌘-Fn-Right Arrow Open the navigation panel to search for text, images, etc. (Windows) / use the search box (Mac) Ctrl-F ⌘-F Open the Find and Replace (Windows) / Find and Replace (Mac) dialog Ctrl-H Ctrl-H Open the Go To dialog Ctrl-G or F5 ⌘-Option-G or F5 Switch between the last four places in the document you edited Ctrl-Alt-Z Switch to Print Layout view Ctrl-Alt-P Switch to Sketch view Ctrl-Alt-O Switch to Project view Ctrl-Alt-N Switch to reading mode Alt-W, F Split the document window or remove the split Ctrl-Alt-S Show help F1 BAND NAVIGATION

Hide or show the ribbon Ctrl-F1 ⌘-Option-R Display the ribbon shortcut keys Other Go to the File tab Alt-F Go to the Home tab Alt-H Go to the Insert tab Other N Go to the Design tab Alt-G Go to the Design tab Alt-P Go to the References tab Alt-S Go to the Mailings tab Alt-M Go to the Preview tab Other R Go to the View tab Alt-W Go to the Help tab Alt-Y Go to the ribbon search box Alt-Q