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Connect to LinkedIn without an account

ver perfiles de linkedin anonimamente

To be fair, the social network LinkedIn arouses a lot of interest and curiosity from many people, and therefore not a few people want to join LinkedIn without committing to a registration to browse, check user profiles and see «scrolls ”Other knowledge. who can be in this professional-oriented social network. For these reasons, at RecursosPrá we have prepared the following article: eJoin LinkedIn without an account or without registering which consists of three options that will allow -the curious- View LinkedIn user profiles without an account or anonymity, use the option you like best.

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Join LinkedIn without restrictions | CLARIFICATION: Privacy settings

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that LinkedIn, like other social networks, allows users to configure the privacy of their account (public, private or restricted) and for this reason, it is possible that when you join LinkedIn without an account with any of the options we have below, I can’t see all user profiles and therefore may be left wondering whether or not someone is on LinkedIn.

Now and yet, all profiles created on LinkedIn are public by default as well privacy settings, It is not something that many users do on LinkedIn due to the importance given to the visibility of its profile, but also, to a lesser extent, due to ignorance or lack of time.

After clarifying all this, let’s see the options to join LinkedIn without an account or without registering.

Join LinkedIn without an account OPTION # 1: Use search engines

The first option allows you to join LinkedIn without registering by searching for profiles using a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo! or another) and the truth is that it is the easiest to do and most used by people who do not have a LinkedIn.

Search with a search engine on LinkedIn [Usuarios, empleo, empresas, etc.] – STEP 1

To run this option, you can simply search for the following terms in the search engine you are using. For example, if you’re looking for someone specific: «LinkedIn + username and surname”.

view linkedin profiles

Or more precisely: «LinkedIn + username + first name + profession or company”.

view linkedin profiles without logging in

Another example is if you are looking for something more generic or rather a group, a job, articles or companies in an area: «LinkedIn + Architect”.

see companies on linkedin without logging in

Search with a search engine on LinkedIn [Usuarios, empleo, empresas, etc.] – STEP 2

Once the results are loaded into the search engine, all you have to do is click or click on the result that you think is most convenient or correct depending on what you are looking for.

view an anonymous linkedin profile

On the new page that appears, you will be asked – for security reasons – to perform an exercise for this purpose, simply do it and check this.

view LinkedIn profiles anonymously

If they have developed the exercise well, the LinkedIn page they have previously chosen will load and they will be able to appreciate the content without having an account or connecting to LinkedIn.

view linkedin profile

NOTE NO. 1: Unfortunately, this solution for joining LinkedIn without an account is quite restrictive. Once one or more LinkedIn pages have been viewed without registration, they are blocked and require you to connect to LinkedIn to continue to display content from this work-oriented social network.

Join LinkedIn without an account OPTION # 2: From the LinkedIn directory

This other option allows you to join LinkedIn without registering and searching exclusively for users in LinkedIn directory, follow the steps.

Search for people from the LinkedIn – PASUL 1 directory

To achieve this, you must join LinkedIn using a search engine or uploading your LinkedIn web address ( in the address bar of the browser you are using.

enter linkedin

Search for people from the LinkedIn – STEP 2 directory

Once on the LinkedIn homepage, they should go to the footer or footer (scroll or scroll down) and here in the section that says, «director«You should press or click the option that says,»States«

search for profiles on linkedin

Search for people from the LinkedIn – STEP 3 directory

With the previous action, the LinkedIn directory page will load here as well, you can already search for a LinkedIn member, and to do this you need to start by pressing or clicking on the letter that is the first letter of the name of the person you are looking for .

view linkedin profiles

Then the LinkedIn directory that starts with that letter will be loaded and now – you have to click – on one of the numbers that appear so that the list of people on LinkedIn that make up that part of the directory is loaded.

view linkedin profiles

Note no. 2: By the way, the criteria for choosing a number are based on the order of the alphabet. That and, for example, if you are looking for a person named:Marcel«He’s definitely in the first numbers of the director and if he’s looking for a caller:»Monica«It will be in a larger number or far from the first and do not worry about mistakes, you can go back and choose another number.

Once the results that have the name they are looking for are uploaded, they should also review them if they find the person they are looking for or someone they think they are, they will click or click on it.

How to join LinkedIn without an account

It is possible for some to upload a LinkedIn page where they are asked to perform an exercise to check security (they are not a robot) to do so.

view LinkedIn profiles anonymously

Voila! That user’s LinkedIn profile will be uploaded with the public data you set up to share.

enter linkedin without an account or without registration

Join LinkedIn without an account OPTION # 3: Request a favor from someone close to you

One last option and therefore no less important, it allows you to join LinkedIn without an account to see user profiles, specific groups, jobs, companies or anything else avoiding create a LinkedIn account for that and, best of all, without restrictions.

To make this option, you need someone who is very close to you or very trustworthy, who appreciates you, and who has – exactly – a LinkedIn account that can connect with you and, after that, send them your computer or mobile phone so that you, and judiciously, review everything you want, access the profile of the person or group you are looking for and thus satisfy your curiosity.

By the way, it would be good or relevant for the person who has that LinkedIn account to have a profile configuration that allows them to visit anything they want without being seen by users, companies or other pages they have visited on LinkedIn, this can be done to keep your visits anonymous.