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Color ideas to paint the living room

Estufa en la sala

You probably want your living room to be an ideal place to relax after a long day of work. Whether you want something bold or neutral, we’re fine here color ideas for the living room which you should keep in mind. Take your brush because, after reading, you will definitely want to give this special environment a new look at home.

Combination of white and jade green

The white of the ceiling and walls illuminates the room and makes it look bigger. The jade green accent wall becomes the centerpiece of the living room walls. This shade makes the room feel like an oasis. Add potted plants and other earth-colored objects.

White always appreciated

Super bright room

We return to talking about the white that, this time, is present in the whole room. This color is totally timeless and goes with anything. In addition, it is economical, expands the space, especially if it is small and illuminates it. The only downside is that stains and dirt appear more than on other colored walls.

A blue ocean

Blue walls

If you are looking for colors for the room, blue could not be missing, because it will make you feel like you are on vacation. The blue ocean is one of the best colors for the living room because it conveys peace and is perfect for rest.

Delicate pink color

Pink walls

This spectacular New Orleans home was built in the late 1800s and its owners still retain the original floors and ceilings. Both Matt and Beau, both owners of the house, work long hours, and when they arrive, they just want to relax. Therefore, they chose hot pink for paint the living room, so that it looks much more comfortable. If you want to imitate this space and make it feel bohemian and modern, add colorful textiles and wooden accents.

With gray elegance

Gray painted walls

Gray is a super elegant color and even more so when combined with white. This living room has been decorated with a bold and colorful rug to add more size.

A special shade: amethyst

Gray-purple walls

Both the walls and the ceiling of this room were painted in amethyst, a semi-light blue-violet shade, sometimes with a hint of gray. The pillow, flowers and purple lamp provide contrast and make the living room feel boring.

Warm and cheerful orange

Living orange

colors for the living room from this house are oranges and whites. Both provide warmth and make the room feel bright. In addition, the orange walls highlight the work of art.

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