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Clone a mobile phone and SIM card


There are many people who ask if it is possible to clone a mobile phone and its SIM card. Are there opportunities to do it or is it all a legend?

We can tell you that yes, it is possible. It’s about a process that we will not perform in a few minutes no prior knowledge, but it’s easy if you keep reading the following guide.

How to clone an Android or iPhone mobile phone step by step

To clone a mobile phone, what we will do is use the MobileTrans 1 – Click application, one of the most popular tools in this regard. we can download on both iOS and Android and gives us the ability to transfer files and information between different terminals.

When we install it, we will have absolute control over it the ability to take all the mobile memory or clone only photos, contacts, music, or apps, among other things.

We can even pass on information from iOS to Android and vice versa.

clone mobiletrans mobile

From the main menu of the application we can use different options. The main thing that interests us the most is perform data transfer from mobile to mobile.

We just have to choose this mode of action and follow the simple steps we are given. Remember that software is free only a few days due to its trial version and that later to continue to use it we will have to pay.

cell cloning 2019

Preparing to clone the SIM card

Before starting the card cloning process we need to make sure of two factors: the same codes and the class it belongs to.

  1. SIM codes: They are necessary because they are the way the terminal tells the operator what its identification number is. These codes, known as KI and IMSI, need to be cloned so that when they are inserted on the new SIM card, the operator cannot find any difference and understand that it is the same device.
  2. The card type is: There are three different models: Comp128 version 1, Comp128 version 2 and Comp128 version 3, but only the first of the models is easy to clone, while the other two are an additional challenge.

cloning sim

SIM card cloning step by step

Once we have prepared with the instructions we provided, we can start with the real process of cloning the SIM card. You need to know before you start this we will need three things:

  • A reader aimed at reading SIM cards.
  • A software created for cloning.
  • A SIM in which there is no data for us to do the cloning process.

The program we need is called USB SIM Card Reader Software and when we install it we will only have to do the following:

  1. Go to the settings menu, then click tools, go to SIM card, and finally unlock option.
  2. At that time we will be asked for a code which we do not have, but which we can request by calling our mobile operator. The data that will be requested in exchange for providing the code in question will include our number and name to verify identity.
  3. When they give us the code, we can remove the SIM card from the device and insert it into the reader that I told you you would need it.
  4. We open the program and enter Read from the SIM card. Then we access the option Strong crack and activate it using the button start.
  5. We will see that the process begins to work and that when it ends you provided us with the KI code, one of the two we talked about in the training section. This code in .DAT format is important, so let’s not forget it. Also, make sure do not remove the SIM card until the completion of the entire process of obtaining the KI code.
  6. Once done, we can remove the original card from the reader and install the new card that I bought completely empty. Before we begin, we can make sure the card is empty, only if we forgot that at some point we used it for something before.
  7. Knowing it’s already empty, we give Write SIM and we choose the copy we made before the other book, then clicking start.

The cloning process takes time about 15 minutes and upon completion we will be asked for the code previously provided by the operator.

With this we will have finished the cloning process and we can use the new SIM without any problem. As you can see, it is not a process, much less as complicated as it may seem at first glance.