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Chrome operating system: tips, tools, and other information about your Chromebook

Chrome operating system: tips, tools, and other information about your Chromebook

Your one-stop source for Chrome operating system tips, information, and analysis from someone who covered Chromebooks closely from the beginning.

The Google OS Chrome platform has come a long way.

From the earliest days, when the Chrome operating system was little more than an experimental “browser in the box,” until now, with the platform that powered first-class hardware and supported a wide range of productivity applications, the project that once seemed Crazy Google has become one of the most interesting and rapidly expanding technological forces in the world.

I covered the Chrome operating system closely from the beginning. I lived with the first Chromebook prototype, the Cr-48, and since then I’ve used Chromebooks as part of my personal computing configuration in various capacities. I write about the field not only as someone who studied it professionally from day one, but also as someone who has used it personally all the time, until now.

So whether you’re relatively new to Chrome OS or a veteran Chromebook, I’m happy to join you on your journey and act as your guide. On this page, you’ll find the latest coverage of my Chrome operating system – the original review, tips and tricks, and everything in between. I’ll update it regularly as new topics appear, so come back often and stay ahead of your Chromebook statistics.

Chrome OS basics

Is the Chrome operating system right for you? A test with 3 questions to find out

Chromebooks aren’t like ordinary computers, so are they right for your needs? These three questions will help you (or anyone else you know) find the answer.

The most important thing to check before buying a Chromebook

Save yourself the buyer’s remorse by thinking about what a Chrome OS device maker won’t tell you.

Chromebook Cheat Sheet: Getting Started

Do you have a new Chromebook? This guide will help you navigate the ever-expanding world of Chromebooks and learn how to get the most out of your Chrome operating system.

Smart Worker’s Guide to Using an Offline Chromebook

The Chrome OS may be cloud-based, but you can do many things offline on a Chromebook if you set things up in advance.

4 crazy myths on Chromebook, dismantled

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably (and / or friends and colleagues) heard a lot of nonsense about the Google Chrome OS platform. It’s time to separate the facts from fiction.

6 important things you might not know about Chrome operating system updates

Google Chrome is not like other operating systems, and the way it handles updates is no exception.

Reality check: Can you use a Chromebook for work?

A new perspective on the capabilities of a Chromebook for professionals.

Tips and tricks for the Chrome operating system

8 quick fixes for common Chrome operating system issues

Troubleshoot your Chromebook and stay productive with these easy-to-implement, expert-approved solutions.

6 Useful features of the Chrome operating system that you probably don’t use

Learn your Chromebook some useful tricks and get ready to work and play more efficiently.

22 useful ways to use Google Assistant on a Chromebook

The Google Assistant is finally making its way into the structure of the Chrome operating system, bringing with it some exciting new possibilities, as described here.

The best new feature for the Chrome operating system you don’t use yet

This hidden gem of a Chromebook is worth discovering.

3 smart shortcuts for a curious Chrome operating system command hidden

Chromebook owners, note: these are shortcuts that have been missed.

How Chrome OS virtual desktops might change the way they work

A new feature coming to Chromebooks has great productivity potential, but it’s up to you to put it into practice.

Android applications for Chromebooks: the essentials

Turn your Chromebook into a modern and versatile computing machine with these apps that enhance your Chrome operating system.

Linux applications on the Chrome operating system: an easy-to-follow guide

Linux apps can expand the capabilities of your Chromebook and open up all sorts of exciting options, but first you need to know where to start.

The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

Make your Chromebook even more capable with this carefully selected set of Linux applications to expand the potential of the Chrome operating system as a business tool.

Increase the power of your Chromebook’s cloud connection

With a few simple tweaks, your Chromebook can become an even more connected part of your cloud-centric setup.

How to turn any website into a custom Chrome OS app

A handy trick for customizing your Chromebook and bringing native app experiences to your favorite sites and services.

A time-saving writing tool that works anywhere in Chrome.

Make up for lost time and watch your efficiency increase with this spectacularly useful multi-platform supplement.

A smart way to embed widgets in your Chrome operating system

Ever wanted your Chromebook desktop to do more? This smart hack is just the productivity upgrade you need.

Chrome operating system analysis

2 colossal changes to the Chrome operating system that you need to follow

Google is quietly working on two features of the Chrome operating system that change the shape, which could completely change the nature of Chromebooks, for the better.

The most important feature of the Chrome operating system in 2021 does not come from Google

What a strange and wild twist to the ever-evolving Chromebook saga.

Google’s big plan for the Chrome operating system is finally coming to the fore

A seemingly small switch gives us a monumental indication of the future of the Chrome operating system and, perhaps, beyond.

What Chrome OS needs to continue to conquer

Google Chromebooks are constantly evolving, and their coverage is expanding, but there’s still a great opportunity that still needs to be taken advantage of.

Google Chrome’s updated operating system changes are a solid start

Google is committed to a more responsive approach to Chromebook software compatibility. Hatred! Now let’s see where this takes us.

It’s time to rethink the Chrome operating system update standard

The column that was written a month before Google promised to change. As I wrote then: Google’s management of Chrome operating system updates has long been an asset to the platform, but is now beginning to become an obstacle.

Wild Windows applications on the Chrome operating system

Google is now offering a way to run Windows software on Chromebooks, things are going to get really weird.

Hands On: What it means to use Windows applications on the Chrome operating system

A closer look at Google’s business plan to make Windows apps available on Chromebooks and what it’s like to trust the real world.

The hardware truth that Google won’t tell you

Google doesn’t like to talk about this, but there is one type of Android hardware that you should not buy and it has a lot to do with the status of the Chrome operating system.