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Check the IMEI of an iPhone


imei iphone

Over time there are situations in which we can see ourselves ahead we need to find out the IMEI of our iPhone, a really important number that sometimes we don’t know how to get.

The good news is that there are different methods of realization and they are not complicated. Want to see the fastest way to know your iPhone’s IMEI code? Keep reading!

What is the IMEI of an iPhone?

Before we analyze the problem and explain how to get an IMEI, we want to tell you quickly about what this important number is. IMEI can be defined as the registration number of our iPhone. This consisting of 15 digits which helps to identify it and which leads to each mobile having its own independent IMEI.

👉 In this article you can see more in depth what is IMEI and all its utilities :.

As data of interest it must be said that IMEI is based on the application of the Luhn algorithm, which was created by a scientist named Hans Peter Luhn who worked for IBM. This formula has been used countless times, including for credit cards and other security and privacy methods.

what is IMEI

How to see and know the IMEI of an iPhone?

If we have our mobile on, the easiest thing we can do to discover IMEI is:

  1. Enter ein the «Settings» menu.
  2. Now go to «General».
  3. Here you will find both IMEI like other data

From this section we can access the IMEI number and we’ll just have to hold down the number to perform the copy action. This will be useful if we ask for assistance in talking to Apple customer support.

IMEI on my iPhone

Other ways to check the IMEI of your iPhone

To avoid incidents, it is always recommended that. we keep the IMEI number of our phone in a safe place and that, in case or need to use it, we can resort to it.

Anyway, if you don’t have it now and want to know alternative ways to find out, we show you more:

1. Check the IMEI of your iPhone from the SIM tray

Some iPhone models allow Locate the IMEI number on the SIM card tray. These devices include both models such as iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, as well as other terminals in the style of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or previous generations, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

Even if there was a time when the IMEI was not in the SIM trayIn the past, on the iPhone 3rd and 4th generations, it was in this position as well.

IMEI on the SIM tray

2. Check the IMEI of your iPhone on iTunes

As usual, iTunes gives us great options and facilities every day. What we need to do if we are looking for IMEI is connect iPhone to your computer using the connecting cable.

Once we open iTunes, although it normally loads automatically, we may need to do it manually. We search for our mobile phone in the iTunes connection and click on «Summary». Then we click on «Phone number» and this will allow us to see the IMEI.

3. Check the IMEI of your iPhone on the Apple website

Something happened and we do not have the mobile phone in our possession, but we need IMEI. For this we enter the Apple ID site With our browser, we connect and go to the «Devices» section.

From this place we can already see the IMEI number of the mobile in question.

4. Check the IMEI of your iPhone from behind

Unless we bought a used iPhone (and we don’t necessarily have to be suspicious), the IMEI number that is on the back of the device it is also useful.

In some generations, such as the iPhone 5 and all its models, it was the most convenient way to locate the number In a physical way, I once had my cell phone in my hand, even if it was turned off.

5. Check the IMEI of your iPhone in the iPhone case

If we are careful, you may have kept the box in which they sold our mobile. The good news in this regard is that the back includes the IMEI number, so it is another way to get it quickly and without complications.