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Changing the MacBook Apple…. on the lid

Changing the MacBook Apple….  on the lid

You can change the MacBook apple on the cover thanks to the Iconic Disc. The company that launched a successful Kickstarter (540 employees and $ 36,000 to support the project) offers 100 magnetic disks to stick on the Apple logo. We don’t have stock at her house, but she’s so cute … Do you have any of that white apple on the back of your MacBook? Do you want to be different again? So, after reading our article MacBook, Pro and Air: very original covers, this folder is made for you and you will love it.

Change Apple MacBook: How does it work?

In practice, it is enough to carefully apply an aluminum ring around the lighted apple and then place the iconic disc of your choice on it. The logo lets in light, so it’s backlit and has a terrible effect. And most of all, it doesn’t hurt your precious MacBook.

MacBook apple change .... on top 2

Change the Apple MacBook: ID Collection

Go to the Iconicdisc website and click Store. Don’t you have the soul of a creator? It is not a big deal! Go to the ID Collection and you will find what you need. There is the section Colors, textures, nature, graphics and symbols and space. Rates range from $ 45 to $ 50.

Changing the MacBook apple .... on top 3

Change the Apple MacBook: Canvas ID

Even with the identification cloth it is not bad and it is cheaper. Just order your Iconic Disc kit for $ 40 (aluminum disc, lens, photo paper), in gray or black. Then, you will print your logo, that of your company, that of your group or simply the one that best represents you … and you will put it in Apple Apple.

Changing the MacBook apple .... at the top of 4

Change Apple MacBook: Custom ID

The third possibility is the personalized ID for 55 USD. The method is again elementary. Send the image or photo of your choice online and then receive the custom home delivery order. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to upload an image from FaceBook or Instagram.

Changing the MacBook apple .... in the top 5

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