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Challo stimulates business collaboration through the company’s walls

Challo stimulates business collaboration through the company's walls

A new business collaboration system for iOS means that companies can work together better and more securely than before.

One of the major weaknesses of many business collaboration solutions is that they are not always good at allowing employees to work with outside parties. This is a problem that one of the last participants in the space is trying to solve.

Collaboration without walls

Like many of these solutions, Challo is a cloud-based, cloud-based collaboration tool. Interestingly, it was built to provide all the collaboration tools you would expect, along with external tools and enterprise-class security.

In other words, it facilitates the collaboration of teams from several organizations. It also respects the security policies of all parties.

Basic features are what you would expect from any collaboration tool: team messaging, voice and video meetings, content sharing and management, and application integration.

It is compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams and has an automated virtual assistant that can do things like share event data or relevant documents with meeting participants.

What’s going on in the meeting room

Challo’s use of online and persistent virtual workspaces is what makes him so useful. These virtual cameras allow all parties to share data and can provide access to relevant tools, which is good. But persistence means that project details and sharing are available during the task at hand.

This resolves the issue where shared documents, screenshots, and other data are later stored on insecure devices or shared by insecure means.

Challo uses security and compliance technologies designed to support seamless collaboration between multiple companies. Administrators can establish granular policies that allow some parties to receive, but not send, data or limit messaging facilities, for example.

Integrated security and compliance

«Each interaction with company data is controlled by a detailed security model that allows administrators and users to ensure that only the smallest required set of data is provided and that data is provided only in a manner appropriate to the policy activity.» explained Kevin Glass, CTO of Cafe X (developer Challo).

This emphasis on compliance makes it useful for highly regulated sectors, such as law firms, financial and accounting firms.

In simple terms, this makes it easier for a company to demonstrate what users can and cannot access, which is important in highly regulated environments. At the same time, people involved in a meeting receive useful tools, such as the ability to capture and record sessions, transcripts, etc.

The solution also manages behind-the-scenes permissions so that an employee can share an article, and the system itself will assign access privileges to anyone else there and will comply with any existing company security policies.

Collaboration where you are

Today’s business culture is based on several platforms. Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, all work together to get things done. Portable devices are also used, and Challo will implement Apple Watch (and CarPlay) support in the future, the company said. It also develops support for webinars using Apple Live Streaming HTTP technologies.

Future developments may include beacon-based attendance indicators, Glass said, «iBeacon has great potential for corporate meeting rooms – to be able to come in and have your iPhone transfer the meeting,» he said.

Business collaboration is a crowded market, with many solutions to choose from. Challo seems uniquely built to facilitate collaboration between different companies using these technologies and is probably a sign of new layers of application-based interoperability.