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Canva How to create color gradients in photos using Canva – Updated Canva has definitely become one of my favorite apps …

Canva How to create color gradients in photos using Canva - Updated Canva has definitely become one of my favorite apps ...

Canva has certainly become one of the favorite applications on the market and, thanks to its technology, you will be able to perform color gradients in photos in just a few simple steps. In addition, this streamlined graphic design software will allow you to use more than two million templates available on the platform.

Canva adapts to all types of users, both beginners and professionals will be able to design from this tool. This is due to the versatility of its functions and the millions of effects you can use in your creation.

How to create a gradient in Canva?

You can create this effect in Canva in a few simple steps Item section and select the Gradients option. Remember that this effect is characterized by being a rather unique technique, as it is able to fade one color and subtly transfer it to another. Therefore, it is advisable to do it in dark to light tones or vice versa.

This effect can ccreate a feeling of space and in addition to the fact that small details are easier to notice. A good gradient will make a photo much more professional and attractive. In addition, you can innovate in social networks with this wonderful little-used effect, but which certainly adds elegance to your profile on your Instagram or Facebook account.

How is the gradient made transparent?

With Canva you can make a gradient from colors to transparent or vice versa in just a few simple steps:

1- You must first choose or upload an image to the platform, your favorite. And select the desired size or change its size.

2- Select the items section located on the left panel of the screen

3- Type in the search bar, located at the top the degraded word

4- Choose gradient to transparent option, this option is completely free on the platform

5-Extend it and adapt it according to your tastes and needs about the image

6-You can also rotate it to position the gradient from left to right or from top to bottom

7-The original effect makes a gradient from purple to transparent, but you can change this color

8-To do this, click on the small box that indicates the color, in this case purple located at the top of the screen, just above the image that is edited

9-Choose the color of your preference and click on accept

10-Finally, press the download option to store the gradient image on your device

Can you combine colors in the photo gradient in Canva?

The answer is yes, because you can customize the color scheme to your gradient effects to your liking. They can also be adjusted to your requirements and determine, even if you don’t create them, a style for your brand or image. that the color combination in a photo can change the way users perceive the image.

Certainly, a good color combination will make your image more pleasant and striking. In fact, believe it or not the psychology of color is part of our daily lives and it is able to change even your emotions. For example, warm colors are able to generate positive or negative emotions if they are very intense. The color red can lead to increased adrenaline and heart rate in the body.

colors in different shades

A sudden change in color may cause users to experience a feeling of excitement and increased energy. While the cool colors produce calm and tranquility. For this reason, it is important to define from the beginning the color palette that you want to adjust to your effects and the effect that you want to generate for each user.

Steps to put the color gradient on your photos

First of all, you only need to access the official canvas platform log in and select the display or the type of image you want to take. Choose the image you want to place the color gradient in and write gradients in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Press the Enter key and they will show you all types of gradients available on this platform. Preferably, to guarantee the effect on the whole image, it is preferable to select the square option that can be adapted to any type of photo.

Adjust this effect to the size of your image, in the first instance you will notice that it completely covers the photo. For this reason, it is necessary to select the transparency option and reduce it according to the desired intensity of the effect. In this option it is advisable to leave it between a 50 and 60% transparency so that it can be easily viewed.

They will notice almost immediately two or three boxes located at the top of the menu showing the effect colors, select your favorite, and finally press the download option to store the effect on the image on your device.

canvas transparency effect

Can gradient colors be customized in Canva?

From Canva you can not only customize the colors of the gradients, but you can generate and choose your own color palette with the free version. First, you need to sign in to our account. Select Branding set option, available on the platform’s start panel. A customization menu will be displayed on the screen, choose the option to add a new palette, symbolized by the + icon. With this version, it is possible to combine a maximum of three colors.

There are different methods for this option that allow you to achieve the goal. To get to know them, go to the beginning and end of the platform smoothk write / colors. There, through four options, they will notice the different examples of the palette and what your brand or photos would look like with these tones. Choose your favorite and the one that suits your needs and press the copy option.

Click on + the icon I mentioned above and paste the color code you selected. So you should perform this procedure repeatedly until you’re done with the three colors and voila, you’ll get a completely custom gradient palette.