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Can you have two accounts opened in Kwai? 【【2021】

Can you have two accounts opened in Kwai?  【【2021】

Kwai It’s a pretty striking social network and that over time the number of registered users has increased considerably and it’s a social network of short and fun videos, many compare it to TikTok, but the truth is that they are different, so it would be could be a great app if you’re looking for entertainment. Want to have two accounts on Kwai and keep them open?, here we will explain if it can be done or not.

Open two Kwai accounts at the same time

You have two accounts in Kwai It is possible that the problem is to keep both accounts open, as this is a bit difficult, just because the application developers have not added an option to open two or more accounts at the same time, so we should close the current one to open another.

Although this cannot be done directly in the application, in the same way, there could be an alternative, namely that in Android there are several applications that allow «double«An application, so that we can have it twice and, therefore, in this case, two different Kwai accounts could be kept open on the same device.

Parallel space - Multiple accounts
Parallel space - Multiple accounts

At this time, accessing a duplication application is the only option we have, but we do not rule out the possibility that over time developers may add the option to keep two different accounts open in the same application.

How to keep two Kwai accounts open

Many users intend to have more than one account in a social network and this is due to the fact that there are some people who prefer to have more than one account to «separate» interests, ie in some accounts they share private, family, and content. social, its daily life and, on the other hand, fun content, memes, phrases, can even be an enterprise.

Therefore, at this time you could not keep two Kwai accounts open at the same time on the same mobile phone, but you can close one to open the other or keep both open on different mobile devices.

Download Kwai – Android apk game for phone or tablet for free

Kwai - watch interesting and funny videos
Kwai - watch interesting and funny videos

Kwai It’s a very fun application that more and more people are using on this social network, because you can share short videos, edit them, and share them with your followers.

In addition, many came to the application through invitations made by users themselves, because at the time of the invitation and if the person downloads and uses the application, he receives benefits, so it is an excellent option to have this application on our mobile.

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