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Call of Duty Mobile How much data does Call of Duty Mobile consume – Identify average expenses Currently, this video game has millions of users who …

Call of Duty Mobile How much data does Call of Duty Mobile consume - Identify average expenses Currently, this video game has millions of users who ...

Currently, this video game has millions of users who can download all its extensions in different operating systems, although the game was released mainly for computers, now you can download and install on mobile devices through the Play Store and App Store app library.

Although this seems like something very beneficial for Call of Duty lovers, it is usually a nightmare when playing if you are not connected to a WiFi network, because thanks to the systems that are part of its execution, the video game consumes a certain amount of data, which, no doubt, if you do not have an unlimited mobile data plan, can be a disadvantage for you.

Next we will teach you everything related to data consumption and the Internet Call of Duty, when runs from a mobile device.

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What is the recommended internet speed to play Call of Duty correctly?

Your experience with video games on a mobile device depends a lot of the internet speed you have at the time of execution or, in any case, the signal strength of your mobile device in terms of its data.

Most video game designers recommend that minimum internet speed to be able to run video game versions, it’s five megabits per second or three megabits per second.

The faster you have the internet when you play a video game on a mobile device, the better its developmentBecause the more data you transmit, the less likely Call of Duty Mobile will freeze or block.

It is important to know that if you have a good internet speed when playing a game, but there is several connected devices At the same time, this can significantly affect the performance of the game, because when the data is transmitted, the ideal ones will not reach your device.

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How do I know how many megabytes of CoD my mobile consumes?

At present we can you know how many megabytes an application consumes or how many they consumed.

It is the study of statistics performed by the device on its own all applications that consume megabytes at the time of execution or in the background. These statistics can be found in the device’s own configuration by following the steps below. These steps apply to almost any smartphone, however they may vary.

  • First, access the general settings of your mobile device
  • Now select the «connections» option
  • Then look for the «data usage» section. Here will appear all the applications that used megabytes and how many used them. It should be noted that the default megabyte usage time that appears in each application may vary on different devices.
  • And finally, select the application from which you want to know the megabyte consumption.

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What is the average amount of data consumed by one-hour games in CoD?

If you want to enjoy a game of Call of Duty without interruptions, no doubt you should you have a good data planHowever, unless you are connected from a WiFi network, it must be at least three megabytes per second.

Based on the statistics of a slight investigation, we can conclude that one hour of play in Call of Duty from a mobile device it consumes about sixty-two megabytes.

Although Call of Duty does not consume much mobile data During its execution, unlike other video games, it is recommended to be aware of how much you can spend. And, with an idea of ​​the amount of mobile data that Call of Duty consumes, you can choose a suitable mobile data plan that provides enough to enjoy this video game.

Megabytes per game

Call of Duty games have a duration depending on how good you are at the game, how long you live in each game and how much you use the different functions they offer you. The average is usually fifteen to thirty minutes, being a good Call of Duty player.

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The amount of data consumed in a fifteen-minute Call of Duty game is estimated to be about sixteen megabytes. Megabyte consumption varies depending on how the game develops, whether you keep moving or stay in one place without making much use of the many features offered by the mobile mode of this video game.

Megabytes for half an hour of play

If we run an average game or more Call of Duty games for half an hour, we will consume around thirty or sixty megabytes. It should be noted that it is an average game, which keeps us moving throughout the game and using the features offered by the mobile version of Call of Duty.

This depends a lot on the speed you have, because if the video game develops slowly, you will have certain limitations that you would not have in a normal game, for example, not being very fast when going from one place to another, so time will pass and you will consume less data in half an hour of play.

How many megabytes does other popular mobile games consume?

As mobile video games become more advanced with better graphics and bring more options to their players, for sure will consume more megabytes. Although there are plenty of video games to choose from, there are some that consume more megabytes than others. Which forces us to select one that matches our data panel, if we don’t have a WiFi connection.

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Without a doubt, the most popular games for mobile devices they have advanced technology which allows users to enjoy very good graphics and more features in their games. And that causes them to consume the amount of data that each video game consumes during its execution. Here are some of the most popular.


This video game set in a military operation is based on destroying the enemy through other players that must be liquidated to achieve that goal. In addition to the ability to play from a computer or laptop, it is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

It has an approximate consumption of seven megabytes for an hour of classic play, which is equivalent to four games normally played with an internet with a minimum speed of three megabytes.

Among us

This video game runs in online multiplayer mode and consists of discovering one or more characters who play the role of impostor where necessary remove the rest of the characters without being discovered.

You can play with him the role of the impostor or crew members. The duration of each game of the game depends on the ability of the players who are the crew to discover the imposter or impostors. Each of them usually takes about ten minutes, even longer if the impostors fail to be discovered.

An average player between users in an hour of play can consume about six megabytes, with a consumption of one megabyte per game.