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Call forwarding with Vodafone


By forwarding Vodafone calls we can ensure never miss a call, because what we’re going to do is set up a redirect mode.

In this way, when he calls us on his mobile and is not available, the call is transferred to the other number which I have defined. This way we can always be available and not miss any calls.

How to divert calls to Vodafone?

Now, how do we configure it? The way Vodafone offers it is through forming a series of codes which are modified depending on the type of diversion we are interested in configuring:

  • The first option we are offered is to make one absolute call forwarding that it deviates absolutely anything no matter what happens. We configure it by pressing ** 21 * NUMBER # and we can redirect it to numbers with the specifications we indicated in the previous section.
  • We can also configure the diversion only for cases in which we actively use the mobile and be busy. We will do this process by marking ** 67 * NUMBER #
  • We can mark ** 62 * NUMBER # and what we’re going to do is configure it where the phone is not covered or when it is switched off (Those days when, for example, we stop due to lack of battery).
  • The last option we are offered is verification ** 61 * NUMBER # and in this case what we will do is configure the forwarding of Vodafone calls in cases where we do not answer the call for rejection or when we can’t take it and spend some time there.

In all cases, the only thing we have to do when we do disconnect from the call forwarding service is to mark ## 002 #, so being disconnected no matter how I previously configured it.

What are the features of the Vodafone call forwarding service?

Vodafone provides very useful information to your customers before activating the service. It should be noted that this forwarding system cannot be used with various calling methods, such as conference calls or cost control. In addition, if we set up forwarding using a number on another phone (instead of the answering machine, which is usually what many people use), the answering machine will not be available during that time.

Of course, we must be careful with redirect to a mobile phone in which we have defined that incoming calls cannot be received, as this mode overlaps the divert configuration.

On the other hand, tell us that there are numbers that cannot be defined as part of the forwarding configuration. This includes short numbers, international numbers, numbers that have a special type of tariff and numbers that correspond to operator-specific services.

Calls made based on forwarding will have same cost as a normal call on Vodafone, but activating the service is completely free, as well as disabling it. If what we’re doing is a diversion not to another number, but to the answering machine, we won’t have to pay anything.

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