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Call forwarding with Orange


If you are an Orange customer and if you are thinking of using call forwarding, you will want to know how to do it and what features it has.

This service allows you to forward calls that you receive from your mobile phone to another phone, which can be what I saved your life when you traveled and you do not want to take multiple terminals or in many other circumstances.

How to divert calls to Orange?

There are different contexts in which we can perform call forwarding, and depending on this, it will be necessary to one method or another of activation.

The first of the types is if our mobile phone does not answer within a certain period of time, it is possible to define the number of seconds:

  • Activation in this case is done by marking ** 61 * PHONE NUMBER ** TIME # taking into account that the seconds must always be marked in multiples of five. That is: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.

Another way is if call forwarding is used in cases where the mobile is not covered or stopped:

  • This method consists of marking ** 62 * PHONE NUMBER #.
  • If the cell phone is busy, we’ll dial ** 67 * NUMEROTELF #.
  • We can also perform the unconditional diversion that applies to all dial-up calls ** 21 * PHONE NUMBER #.

Do we want to disable them later? Then we write down ## 002 #.

What is the cost of diverting calls to Orange and what else do we need to know?

In addition to the activation methods we offered you in the previous section, methods that we could call “classic”, there is a The latest way to enable Orange call forwarding.

It involves use Mi Orange operator application, with which this process is simplified, so that we can configure it in a simpler and more visual way:

  1. You just have to identify with ours Username and password and follow the steps that appear on the screen.
  2. Thus, we must enter the section «My line«Then go there»Set up my line«And come in»Call forwarding”.
  3. Once we access this section we will have a list of options and parameters to change depending on our interests based on the different options we have offered you before. Therefore, with this simpler method, you do not lose the volume of customization.
  4. Once you’ve finished changing your options, just click «application«It simply came to our notice then.

orange call forwarding

Another way to do this is through the web access of operator’s customer area, but may be more difficult for you. In this case, enter «Call forwarding«From the main menu and simply click on whether we want it to be on or off depending on the moment.

You may be wondering how much the service costs. How much does it cost to forward Orange calls? The very good news we can give you is that it’s totally free. It has no cost for this operator’s customers, so you can turn it on and off without limit every time you need it.