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Call forwarding with Movistar


With Movistar call forwarding function This operator’s customers can ensure that calls they receive when they are unavailable reach them through a forwarding.

It is a very comfortable service when we run out of battery or when we want to simplify during the holidays and, for example, gathering two numbers in the same terminal so that a couple does not carry two phones. But how does it work and how is it configured in Movistar?

How to forward calls to Movistar?

Movistar customers have at their disposal four types of call forwarding and two different activation routes, the most common of which is to do it by dialing different codes on your mobile. What you need to do in this case is to call with the codes we share below.

  • The first of the configuration types is unconditional mode, which applies regardless of the circumstance. This method overlaps with all the others, being the only method of forwarding calls, the method that controls them all. We can activate it by pressing ** 21 * PHONE NUMBER #. If we configure this method, all the calls we receive regardless of type or circumstances will be redirected.
  • Another option is in cases where our cell phone stopped, they don’t have a battery or if we meet in a without coverage area. We configure this with ** 62 * PHONE NUMBER #.
  • We can also choose a method in which the deviation occurs if the phone is busy at this time, what happens when we reject a call or when we communicate. The configuration in this case will be pressing ** 67 * NUMBER #.
  • And we end the context that let’s not answer, which can be customized for a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 25 seconds. Here what we do is to score ** 61 * PHONE NUMBER ** TIME # understanding in this example that TIME represents the chosen seconds.

Can we configure call forwarding with Movistar in another way?

As I said, there is a second option, in which case We don’t have to use our mobile phone to configure the settings Of the device. The alternative is through section My Movistar from the operator’s website, so you can easily do it with your computer.

Once you have logged in to the page, you must go to the «Your calling services«and then to»Call forwarding”. The customization options will appear as we discussed in the previous section.

Enable or disable the service Movistar call forwarding is free and diverted calls cost proportionally to a conventional call.

In any case, it is a service that I use more people every day and that it is probably not very recurrent these days, but with which we will be much calmer when we know we may risk losing important calls without it.