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Buying Apple stock instead of a PowerBook 100 would have made you richer by $ 158,243

Buying Apple stock instead of a PowerBook 100 would have made you richer by $ 158,243

Human beings love short-term pleasure rather than long-term gain. But delayed satisfaction can be very satisfying; However, finding out that you got lost after the event is not so lost.

That’s why you may want to avoid visiting Inverted instead of that is, especially if you spent $ 2,300 on an Apple PowerBook 100 in 1991. The site is simple but great: it takes the price of an old piece of technology and tells you what the equivalent price is. in shares of the company would be worth today. Visit the website now and you will see that Apple’s stock worth $ 2,300 from 1991 would be worth $ 158,243 in 2016.

Tesla is a similar story. If you had invested $ 57,400 in the company on June 22, 2012, when the Model S was launched, you would now be $ 344,434 richer. Perhaps most amazing of all, if you had invested the $ 169.95 RRP of the TI SR-50 scientific computer in 1974, you would have $ 10,781 today.ti_sr-50_calculator_

But before you invest instead of buying the latest device, there are a few caveats along the way. Buying Sony stock instead of PlayStation in 1995 would only give you an extra $ 89 in your pocket (and no memories of the original Crash Bandicoot) and if you had invested $ 199 in BlackBerry at the launch of the 8100 Pearl in 2006, you would have only $ 53 to play now.

As fun as it is, there are, of course, very real issues with the amounts involved. For starters, who knows what skills you would have learned by touching that Apple PowerBook 100? More importantly, it does not take inflation into account: $ 2,300 in 1991 would be worth about $ 4,000 today .

However, it is fun to see companies turning their fortunes into such harsh conditions. And it might make you think twice about buying that indispensable gadget at launch. If the product is so good, maybe it’s time to support its creators in the stock market.