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Buy keywords on the Internet

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Today, buying keywords on the Internet is still a safe bet in marketing. In the coming years, companies are expected to significantly increase their investments in this marketing strategy.

Is this why every entrepreneur needs to understand why and how to buy keywords on the Internet?

So when you buy a keyword from Google, you’ll get an ad that appears in the Google search engine when the user types in the keyword you bought, so if that user looks at the results and doesn’t click on the site your, it costs you zero.

On the other hand, if the user has decided that your ad is relevant enough to what they were looking for and clicked on it to go to your site, then it will cost a click. This click-through price varies depending on the budget you’re ready to set and set in Google, but it also depends on your competition.

Today there are very competitive areas where clicks can amount to 10 euros or more and, on the contrary, there are still areas where you can have a click for 20 cents.

We also talk about sponsored links or commercial links, because in general, the purchase of keywords is done in a search engine like Google and allows you to have a link to a page of your site in the same way as and links that are in kind referenced in the bottom left, but except that you paid to have this simple link, hence the notion of sponsored links or commercial links.

As I said, to simplify the operation, you define your keywords, define an ad, define the price per click you are willing to pay, and, in general, you can launch your keyword acquisition campaign.

The most dominant keyword buying program is the Google Adwords program.

So here’s the link to put your ad on Google:

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