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Businesses will lead portable and augmented reality revolution, the report says

Businesses will lead portable and augmented reality revolution, the report says

If you feel disappointed with wearable devices and augmented reality right now, a new report from Beecham Research suggests that you may be looking in the wrong place. According to research, businesses, not consumers, will drive innovation in the world of AR and portable items.

The report says the biggest growth opportunities are in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail sectors. Although augmented reality currently has limited use only for consumers, we already see more valuable applications in the workplace, such as display screens for complicated production processes and as

an urgent source of data for surgeons to avoid distraction when it really matters .

» Today’s human-computer interfaces in mobile computing are mainly based on touch screens, but AR, together with portable technology, offers a hands-free computing environment that allows greater interaction with the user’s information and environment, «argues Saverio Romeo , senior analyst at Beecham Research.wearables_for_business

«We expect to see a rapid evolution of smart glasses, with more miniaturization, a better field of view and a longer battery life, while more attention will be paid to converging with virtual reality technology and the Internet of Things to provide a competitive advantage. Collaboration with AR / VR and IoT players will be crucial. «

I saw the first hand Several ways the Internet of Things could be used for business in San Francisco last year , and the potential is undeniably high, even if much of the emphasis is on consumer use.

However, when it comes to virtual reality and wearable devices, Beecham Research predicts great things. Market analyst Matthew Duke-Woolley said of the report: “It is clear that the overall state of the company’s AR market and wearable technology is at a turning point, moving from testing and benchmarking projects to effective business implementations. ”.

«While providing a firm forecast is still debatable, if this speed of transition accelerates as companies quickly recognize the benefits and return on investment, we believe the market could reach just under $ 800 million by 2020.»

For you or me, it’s about 565 million pounds, decent numbers. If it is correct, much of the innovation we see in the future will ensure similar thinking outside the home for consumers in the years to come.