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BT Retail is divided into consumer and business

BT Retail is divided into consumer and business

BT has announced that its retail division will be split in two to target consumers and businesses separately.

BT Retail is the division that sells directly to the public and businesses. It will be split into two new companies, BT Consumer and BT Business, starting in September.

BT Retail currently consists of four units: Consumer, Business, Companies and Ireland.

The consumer part of BT Ireland and the Wi-Fi section of the Enterprise arm will be incorporated into the existing consumer division to create BT Consumer, with the remaining sections becoming BT Business.

John Petter, who is currently the CEO of BT Retail, will become CEO of BT Consumer. Graham Sutherland, who heads BT Retail’s business unit, will take over as CEO of BT Business.

The current director of BT Retail is Gavin Patterson, who will take over as CEO of BT Group when Ian Livingston leaves in September to become government minister .

Patterson said BT Retail had «delivered well», but said change was needed. «However, it is time for the business to split in two, given the highly competitive nature of the consumer market and our strong ambitions in the enterprise space,» he said.