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Browsers How to remove your username from Firefox on various devices Firefox is one of the most popular search engines on the internet …

Browsers How to remove your username from Firefox on various devices Firefox is one of the most popular search engines on the internet ...

Firefox is one of internet search engines most used by network users. We may be interested in how to remove your Firefox username from various devices. This is due to the large amount of personal information they collect over time.

And it is this search engine is suitable for mobile devices and computers desktop. It gives us the opportunity to save that important personal information, which we currently refer to:

  • Web bookmarking
  • Users and passwords
  • User preferences

different user profiles

All these through a profile which we have previously created and modified with our options. There is an additional section in the profile, which allows us to use it to reserve these features.

In addition, Firefox has the possibility create different profiles. Which we can access from our personal devices. Of course, we can only use one profile at a time and avoid conflicts with the others.

What are the advantages of having a Password Manager?

Every time we register on web pages such as social networks, applications or download sites. We generate a user with your password. own.

And as time goes on, we accumulate enough to be able to forget about them. But we have already gone through this difficult time.

We will see that it is important to use a safe application that can manage unique authentication keys. Let’s talk first about the advantages that password managers offer:

  1. Creation and use of special keys for our various accounts
  2. They offer the opportunity to a session starts automatically just with the access button. Of course, once I saved the password in the administrator.
  3. Save information login, email or passwords and important information.
  4. Share and store passwords in our computer and generally in mobile.

But despite their benefits, these tools are rare compatible with many browsers. Thus avoiding authentication on different platforms.

How do I add the forget button to my Firefox toolbar?

As well as Firefox It has an option to save personal data, it gives us more control over our privacy.

The latest versions of the browser have a Forget the button or option. Which is responsible for deleting our browsing history. Just configure the relevant settings to make it work the way we want it to.

What the we must do to add this button to our toolbar is:

  1. We enter our browser Firefox and we go to the menu button. Which is represented by the three overlapping horizontal lines.
  2. A box with different options will appear, we will go to the bottom or bottom of it. Here we will select the Customization function (custom). We will search and select the forget button to our toolbar and select Finish.
  3. You we will click on the forget button and a box will appear where we can configure it. Here we will place the appropriate time that will go from 5 minutes to 24 hours
  4. We will press the Forget or Forget option and voila, our history, cookies and other tabs will be forgotten by the browser.

What information can Firefox Lockwise collect from my account?

The Firefox Lockwise app, is a password manager that is approved by Mozilla. Therefore, it may be one of the safest measures to protect our passwords in such a way. Create strong passwords that mix special characters, numbers and letters.

The Firefox Lockwise application requests our information in two sections, Mandatory and optional.

firefox deletes the username

mandatory information

This is the information needed to identify our user from the others we have. It consists of our email address, password and age.

More information

This information will be more than the type of customization of our profile in the Lockwise application. Because of this, be optional deliver to us:

  1. Profile photo
  2. Display name
  3. Secondary email address.
  4. Set up the two-step authentication process.

Every important information is, in fact, will be delivered to the application for better management.

How do I manage my Firefox account profiles from the administrator?

This process can be done in two ways, the first in our browser and the other from the outside.

1- From our browser

We open our browser and type about: profiles in our address bar and press the Enter key.

Here you have to find the profile we want to manage and choose it, we can select the following options:

  • Rename.
  • Remove.
  • Set that input profile as the default profile.
  • Run the profile in another browser.

2- From outside the browser:

The first thing to do is close the Firefox browser. Either by giving the X in the upper right corner or in the options menu, click Exit.

Then on the desktop we will press the key Windows + R. this will open the running window and we will type «firefox.exe -P»

Then we click accept and a new Firefox profile manager window will open. Here we will choose a profile and we can rename or delete it externally in the browser.

Ways to retrieve information you’ve received from a previous Firefox profile

As I already mentioned, profiles save information connecting multiple pages as well as other personal data. If you want to retrieve information from another profile we had, all you have to do is do the following.

A possible way to recover your data from a past profile is a direct copy of information from old folders to new profile.

We need to enter our browser from the old profile. Then access the menu and then to help, here we select More information for troubleshooting.

recover Firefox profile

A new window will open here as well we place the button to open the folder found in the basic Settings of the application.

After opening the folder, we will move on to close the Firefox browser, from the X button or the exit option from the options menu.

We will choose the files for copy and paste them into the other folder.

Just select them all, you may want to select them all, for them click on each by pressing Ctrl. This will allow you to select more specifically and then we will click on «Ctrl + C ‘ to copy them.

We need to open the new profile folder, we offer gluing option and this will cause all this data to migrate correctly.

How to prevent automatic password saving in Firefox?

The option to save passwords can be changed, for this we need to enter our browser and then go to the menu. Here we will select option settings in the box that will open.

Immediately after we go to Users and passwords, reading the options marked on the right. Then uncheck the first option that says «Request password saving and website authentication».

We close the page and that’s it, he will not be saved automatic words.

Use private browsing

There are two ways to enter Firefox private browsing:

  1. To access this type of navigation, go to the menu button and select the option, new private window.
  2. Or, if not, in the browser, we execute the command ‘Ctrl + Shift + P ‘

Once we close the tab at the end of our navigation, most the information will be deleted.

Firefox private browsing

Steps for deleting account information stored in Firefox

Maybe enough time has passed and there is a lot of important personal information accumulated. That’s why it’s a good idea remove it from Firefox.

For this we can use several options:

We need to enter our browser and press menu area looking for the options button. We select the security icon and then in the saved passwords, we will delete it and then close it. This will get rid of our saved passwords.

mozilla browser menu

The second will be enters our history through the browser. Here we press «Ctrl + H» and delete data. We mark all the boxes and then we choose the time, here we will choose the option that represents From the origin of time. We agree and all our information will be deleted.

The last option will be delete our Firefo accountx, for this we need to access the Firefox accounts page. We enter our account and at the bottom we offer you the deletion. All we have to do is enter our account and look for the red button that says «Delete account». This will permanently delete it and, with it, all the information that was in it.