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Browsers How to import and export bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox in Google Chrome

Browsers How to import and export bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox in Google Chrome

If you own a large amount of bookmarks in your Mozilla FireFox browser And for the sake of destiny you need to switch to Google Chrome or the best internet browser you think or if you just want to use bookmarks in any other browser, we’ll show you how to do that.

We understand that the markers are indispensable tools for many people from the moment they perform this specific function, because on many occasions we find web pages with content that can be left at first sight.

So we go back to use the markers and leave it for another time that we need the same content, one great thing about bookmarks is that you can use it without having to update your internet browsers.

It has been mentioned that you can use Google Chrome without an internet connection, this is also a bookmark feature. Normally, you can only access pages saved without the Internet using the cached data stored in it.

It’s amazing how useful markers are, so here, to find out how to do it, we teach you how to import and export bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox in Google Chrome so you always have them.

Step by step to export bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox to others

Obviously, the first thing you should do is enter Mozilla FireFox from your computer, once you enter, go to the top right, in the four lines, where a list of options will appear when you click from which you will choose «bullets”.

After clicking, you will see different options that you just have to choose «Show all bookmarks«You will immediately see a small window and that at the top you will notice the option»Import and backup”.

Again, it will display a list of options, just choose «to export«It simply came to our notice then remove (favorite) bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox, When you click on export, the typical window of our operating system will appear, the one we use to save the file.

Here, like any file to save, choose a custom name and locate where you want to save it on your computer, congratulations, we already have Bookmarks for Mozilla Firefox Exporter we will now continue to place them in Google Chrome or other browsers.

Step by step to import bookmarks into Google Chrome

Even if you have already learned to export (favorite) bookmarks from the Mozilla Firefox browser then you already know how to place them in Google Chrome, you already know exactly how to do it.

Simply follow the same steps as for “to export«But with the difference you have to choose is»to import«When the typical window of our operating system appears, all you have to do is locate the custom file with»bullets«Saved and clicking on accept will already be available in the desired browser.

Other recommendations to always have your bookmarks

You can also have your bookmarks synced with your Google Account, because you can sign in to your account in almost any available browser, just keep in mind that when you export and import, you need to sync forward to ensure that all are stored.

import bookmarks from your computer into your browser

Then this is done, Mozilla Firefox, just go to Chrome and in the top right of the drop down menu you will see the option «settings«Then just keep clicking»Google Service and Sync”. Importantly, you must have or create a Google Account to sync your browsing data.

Once that step is complete, just select what you want to sync with our account, of course check the «Bookmarks» boxes already checked, click «Enable synchronization«And voila, you will have the services you have marked, which can be Bookmarks, Cookies, History, among others, stored in your account.

Therefore, these steps for importing and exporting bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox to Google Chrome or other browsers are very similar. we recommend that you learn them, save or save to avoid accidents, such as your computer not starting, if this happens and you need to change another one, you can have your bookmarks in any other device sync your Google Account. Good luck!