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Browsers How to change the default search engine – Google, Bing, Internet In essence, a search engine is a tool that …

Browsers How to change the default search engine - Google, Bing, Internet In essence, a search engine is a tool that ...

In essence, a search engine is a tool that group the information of web services and disseminates them by users through a procedure. Getting the user to receive a large list of different links to website addresses where the themes of those keywords appear.

It should be noted that if it is possible to change the search engine on our devices. But a few they think it’s a very complicated process. For this reason, below we will tell you how to change the search engine in a simple way.

Does changing my search engine negatively affect my searches?

There are a large number of browsers that have different differences and types. Therefore, each has a different search engine to facilitate the online search of its customers. It is common as at some point we want to change it for another this seems better to us or one that other users have not recommended. Because there are browsers that you like, but don’t have a search engine that you like. By changing it, you will be able to have an entire browser adapted to you.

Because users often change the search engine to one that looks better, you may also want to change the search for a particular information search site.

For this reason does not affect your searches, because users perform this process to get the tools they like best and the ones that best suit their tastes. With time of use, the engine will adapt to your searches to find them faster.

You can add new and different search engines to your browser that has one by default. When you try to navigate using the search bar, it will take you to the desired site, if not much faster to carry out your activities. But if the engine used leads you to sites you don’t like you have the option to change it. Google itself is the engine that most browsers have, but some browsers offer a list of different engines that you can add.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a widely used browser that has many features and alternatives. To perform the process, you need to access the browser, go to the top right to enter the settings. Look for the «Privacy, services and searches» option. In this area scroll until you find the section from ‘Services’ where you will need to click on the search bar and directions.

In this you will see the «Used search engine» area with a menu that can be displayed in it. You will see the different engine options and select the one you want.

You can also enter the engine management, click on the button where three dots appear and the engine you want to have must finally click where it says ‘Establish’.

If you want to do it on your mobile phone, all you have to do is do it go to Settings and in the «Advanced» area you will find the part that says «Search». Now choose the default engine and go to the list of other vendors.

Mozilla Firefox

When you enter Firefox, position yourself and tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the search engine. You will see how a list goes click on options. On the left, select «Search» in it, you will need to find the default search engine with the drop down menu. In this menu, select the one you want.


For users using Safari’s MacBook or iMac. You need to look for the menu at the top, select Safari option and depending on your preferences, click on the search side where you can see and choose between different engines.

For users who use IOS phones, enter your mobile phone settings and search for Safari, just below the word search select the search engine where you will have the various engines.

Google Chrome

This browser is widely implemented by many users who are not aware of its features and benefits.

edge browser

The process of changing the engine is very similar to the othersYou just need to look for the menu area at the top of the browser and in it you will have to select the settings. On the left, go to the «Search» section of the search engine used, select it and choose the different engines. If you want to do it on your mobile phone, go to the Google Chrome browser and its settings, repeat the process.

How do I delete or uninstall a mobile search engine?

To do this, simply enter the browser you are using on your mobile phone and repeat the process described above, depending on the type of browser. When you enter the search section where the various engines appear. Press the search engine that appears by default so that it is shaded and by doing so, you will be able to select the button that says «Delete» when you do this. you will safely remove it. After that, it’s best to clear or clear your search history. You can also do this in the mobile phone settings in the search area and in the engines, press and delete the one you want.