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Browser 360 for Windows: good for touch devices

Navegador 360 para Windows: Bueno para los dispositivos táctiles 4

There are many web browsers available on the web for the Windows operating system and most have more or less similar designs, features and functions. Another is Browser 360 , from the developers of 360 Internet Security.

Browser 360

360 Web Browser is a full-featured browser that works with Webkit and IE web engines. It is developed by the Chinese company Qihoo. With its attractive and unique tabbed interface, 360 Browser is a web browser very suitable for smart touch devices. It’s fast, secure, simple, smart and intuitive.

Browser 360 for Windows: good for touch devices 1

There’s a drop-down list of recently closed URLs in the vertical corner of your browser that gives you quick access to your browsing history. The most visited URLs are places like the tabs on the main page. The powerful web cache cache 360 ​​excels in both speed and power.

Browser 360 for Windows: good for Touch 2 devices

For the passionate internet user, the 360 ​​web browser offers the possibility to choose between the Webkit engine and the Internet Explorer mode. Optimize the best on-site user experience Browser 360 for Windows: good for Touch 3 devices

The 360 ​​web browser comes with an anti-phishing filter and malicious URL that detects affected URLs while browsing and also scans the downloaded file for malware. Warns you if you accidentally land on a malicious URL.

Browser 360 for Windows: good for touch devices 4

360 Browser offers advanced features without compromising its appearance. The change theme option allows users to customize their browser with their favorite theme. There are four categories to choose from: Popular, Natural, Paint and Box.

Browser 360 for Windows: good for touch devices 4

Download the 360 ​​browser from Here, and enjoy the new style of web browsing. With the features it is perfect for those who want to explore and enjoy the mobile web browsing experience, especially on the latest touch-based smart devices.

In addition to Windows, it is also available for Android and Apple products.

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