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Broken mobile screen


As much as mobile devices have high prices, and when it comes to them, we believe that we are investing in a terminal that can be with us for years, we must never forget that it is a sensitive technology that can be damaged if we are not careful.

Specifically, the cracked screen is something that on certain occasions we certainly met, because it is the most sensitive part of the devices in those situations where the mobile falls to the ground and we cannot reach it before the impact. But what can we do if our phone has a broken screen? Do we have options to continue to make the terminal profitable? How do we recover the files we have inside?

How to change the broken screen of your mobile phone?

We got to the point where our mobile screen broke, but we don’t want to throw it away. It makes sense, considering that it may have cost us hundreds of euros and the last thing we think about is to completely forget about it in order to buy a new device.

What you need to do in these cases is to start working to make the repair, for which we must first start to find out if what we broke is LCD surface, crystal corresponding to the touch screen or if it turns out to be broken both.

How to differentiate this? You don’t have to be an expert to do it, there are 3 cases:

  • If what was broken is LCD surface most likely, the image on the screen has completely disappeared or the image is displayed with distortion.
  • What if what was broken was touch screen glass? In this case, we will continue to see the image, but the surface will be cracked and not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will also be a bit dangerous due to the detachment of possible small crystals.
  • Eventually, if the image is not seen and the glass has cracked, it will mean that both items were broken.

broken cell phone honeycomb

With this clear, you have two options:

  • If the manufacturer provides the LCD and glass surface separately, you can change them separately without any problem.
  • If the manufacturer only offers them together, then you need to change both at the same time, even if only one of them is damaged.

You can always try to change the glass and / or LCD yourself, but you certainly prefer to delegate this work. In this case you have 2 options:

  • Go to the official technical service: The advantages are that you will keep the guarantee, make sure that everything works well and that top quality materials are used.
  • Go to an unofficial technical service: In this case, you would lose the manufacturer’s warranty and your mobile phone may not work 100% well, but you will certainly save a lot of money (at least in the short term).

How to use an Android mobile phone with a broken screen?

Let’s say we have screen so shattered that we can’t touch it, so we forget to enter commands through it. This is the worst context in which we can see ourselves, so it is the one that interests us the most for the advice we can give you.

The first thing you can do in this situation is connect a USB keyboard to the phone, so that the commands we want to enter flow from the keyboard. By doing so, we can continue terminal unlock typing the same code.

The options at the moment are varied because the keyboard opens up many possibilities. We can, for example, enter MTP mode, from which we will have the opportunity to protect the documents and items on the phone so as not to lose them if we think of throwing away the terminal or recycling it.

There are different changes depending on the phone we have, so we recommend that you take a look at Google before specifically searching for the device we own. There are other programs like Samsung Smart Switch and Scrcpy that allow, once we have made the USB connection of the troubleshooting mode, manage your mobile phone from your computer.

Any of these methods, both the USB debugging mode option and the MTP mode, will allow us protect mobile documents and be able to move on.

How to use a broken screen iPhone?

With the Apple mobile phone we have different possibilities that make us less dependent on the screen:

  • For example, we could use fingerprint system with Touch ID and activates Siri support. The smart assistant can become our great solution when we tell him Enable VoiceOver, which will mean that we begin to control the device in a more dynamic way.
  • If there is an area of ​​the screen that still works, we can rely on it or we may resort to it gesture recognition. So we can introduce them unlock code if I could not use the fingerprint, as I said before.

Do youI have already unlocked my mobile phone with one of these solutions? In this case we can go to iCloud and back up to make sure we don’t lose data. Another solution is that to connect the mobile phone to the computer and let’s backup like that.

For cases where the screen is absolutely destroyed do the same as with Android: connect a keyboard. You will need a USB-Lightning connection cable with which we can make the connection.

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