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Box adds collaboration functions, updates the application user interface

Box adds collaboration functions, updates the application user interface

Box has added new collaboration features and interface updates to its cloud storage application to support better productivity for remote workers.

Changes to what the company calls the «completely new acquisition experience» include the introduction of collections. The collections, available from the left navigation bar, provide a way to group marked files, folders, and documents under a heading related to a specific project or process, such as launching a product or marketing strategy.

Users can customize and organize the function to keep important information handy, Box said.

Modifications have also been added to improve team collaboration. Annotations allow users to directly comment on previews of Box files, such as a Word, PowerPoint, or PDF document, without having to send an email to request a change.

This avoids the need to change applications and should make it easier for team members to provide feedback on ongoing projects, Varun Parmar, vice president of Box, said in a statement. blog post . «With this new enhancement, you can simplify the review process with the ability to freely mark and comment on text while providing feedback,» he said.

The Annotations feature will support more than 100 file types and is scheduled to be available in July.


Zoom and Box are now better integrated.

Box has updated its integration with Zoom, the popular video conferencing software maker. This integration, available since last year , allows users to share Box files in a Zoom Meeting call. The latest version, which will be released later this month, allows Box users to switch directly to a video call with colleagues in a file, rather than having to switch to a calendar or Zoom app.

Finally, Box introduced File Request, which provides a more secure way to receive files from external sources. With it, Box users can send a link to someone outside their organization, allowing the sender to drag and drop a file, even if they don’t have a Box account.

«The new Box experience includes several features and capabilities that strengthen its position as a productivity and collaboration application to do the job,» said Raul Castanon, senior analyst at 451 Research / S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Although Box started as a cloud-based content management software, in the last two years it has moved to reposition itself as a content collaboration application. «This transition aligns with market trends, as many cases of using teamwork have moved into the cloud and revolve around content,» Castanon said.

He added that Box’s new interface reflects how teamwork is evolving more generally, with a combination of real-time and asynchronous involvement, as well as interactive face-to-face and remote involvement. «This is where the enhanced integration of Zoom comes in,» Castanon said.

“It also aligns with the need to safely support a distributed work environment; This trend has already appeared in recent years, but now it is accelerating due to the pandemic and the sudden need to support a large number of employees working from home, «said Castanon.