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Blogger How to put, remove and edit tags in Blogger – User guide and recommendations Blogger, is one of the most famous platforms for creating …

Blogger How to put, remove and edit tags in Blogger - User guide and recommendations Blogger, is one of the most famous platforms for creating ...

Blogger is one of the most famous platforms creating the blogDue to its ease and simplicity in the process of creating content, it has the advantage that it is not mandatory to have your own domain, because being owned by Google (where you can create your own account), it offers its server and blogspot subdomain.

With reference to the above, Blogger, provides the ability to organize content which you post and report to each other through your tags. As soon as you create a new post and place those tags, you give the reader the opportunity to see other related content when they click on any of them. He made the above considerations We will teach you how important it is to place labels, How to do it, delete it and edit it so that the entire content is noticed by the reader.

What are Blogger tags?

The tags you can place on your blog posts are that they need to give you some insight into the main content you want to post, such as:

Suppose we create a post about How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies? The labels we should write should be type, desserts, afternoon cravings, quick and easy recipes, something like that.

It should help the reader it’s easier for you to find related topics on your blog.

How important is it to use tags correctly on Blogger?

The importance of tags is that they will help you have all the content you publish in an orderly fashion and make it easier for you to search for the reader of publications similar to the ones you read. In the same way, it gives you the advantage that your content has a better positioning in the Google algorithm and that the reader stays and returns to your blog due to the ease of searching for the content you provide.

add blogger tag posts

Important considerations and procedures when writing labels

Having an idea of ​​how important and effective it is to have tags on your blog posts, its procedure is very simple and here we will show you:

  • Having the content already written and saved, only by publishing, we can realize that in the menu on the right it will show us options, one of them «Tags», we press it.
  • It will show us a text box, in which we will write down the tags related to the blog entry, they must be placed separated by a comma (if you have already created other similar tags, they will appear and you can use them again).
  • After writing them, we will press the «Done» button and they will be saved, the entries we use can be seen at the bottom of the post. And voila, all you have to do is publish it.

When writing labels, always try consider that they are similar in content what you write and whether it is similar to other publications you were about to do or have already done, in an explicit and clear way.

What is the limit of tags that can be used in a Blogger post?

There are a few limitations that the Blogger platform offers you, one of them is the number of tags you can place on each blog entry, it allows you a maximum of 20 entries and 5,000 for each blog you own.

How can I organize my blog posts with tags?

When you place a tag on an entry, it will open a section on the blog where the content that has that tag will be, a way to keep it organized is to enter the design tab, add gadget-tags and you will see what tags you have placed in each entry. If you want to delete or add new tags, you can access the Blogger dashboard, click the posts button, and edit them.

add the blogger gadget menu

How do I post tagged Blogger posts?

As already clarified when you create a new entry, in the right menu you will have the option to place the tags and edit them, as long as you do it before posting.

We recommend that the tag names be straight enough to the content you are creating, capitalize the first letter, and not be too long.