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Barack Obama has finally given up on BlackBerry

Barack Obama has finally given up on BlackBerry

And you, Barack? BlackBerry has already lost support from Facebook Yes WhatsApp , and now he’s lost the White House. It is not clear whether author al 50 shades of gray , EL James, is still on board But it’s hard to find great recommendations in 2016.

Obama made the revelation in Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon , in a segment about how he will adapt to civilian life after eight years in the White House. «I was a high-tech guy when I got there, and I was the first president to own a BlackBerry,» Obama said. «The years go by and no one else has a BlackBerry and I still have the clip on my belt.»

«Then at the end of this year, they said, ‘Good news, Mr. President, we’re going to give you a smartphone instead of a Blackberry,'» Obama added, no doubt annoying several BlackBerry executives along the way who weren’t they looked like a completely different species.

Obama did not specify which smartphone they offered him, but suffice it to say that it did not live up to his expectations.

«I understand and everyone says, ‘Well, Mr. President, for security reasons, this is a great, state-of-the-art phone, but it doesn’t take pictures, it can’t send text messages, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play music on it . «

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«Does your three-year-old have one of these play phones?» It has stickers on it … this is basically the phone I have. «

However, when Barack Obama leaves the White House next year, at least he may finally have a chance David Cameron’s highest score was Angry Birds .

Hillary Clinton, the next nominee for democracy, prefers iOS to Android, as the clip above shows (with a little scream for BlackBerry, probably for work reasons). Meanwhile, Republican candidate Donald Trump is switching between Android and iPhone for his tweets, despite swearing to boycott Apple for his relationship with the FBI. This promise, like many of Trump’s, expired after a few days .